Predator: The prey already has a critical classification

It’s been 35 years since the premiere of Predator – 78% (1987), a science fiction action film directed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reviews for the film were mixed, but that didn’t stop it from being a box office success, eventually establishing itself as a classic thriller. The plot follows a group of mercenaries hired by the CIA to rescue some pilots who have been captured by fighters in the Central American jungle, but during the return trip they realize that something mysterious and unseen is haunting them. This thing turned out to be an alien hunter.

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After the success of the first movie, predator It became a franchise with three live sequels: Predator 2 – 25% (1990) Predators – 64% (2010) and predator – 41% (2018). Plus two crossovers with Alien: Alien vs. predator – 21% (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator 2 – 12% (2007). The Predator has also crossed the cinema screen to appear in literary novels, video games, games, and comics. Without a doubt, he has become an icon of the seventh art, so film directors know there is still plenty to take advantage of this character and to please fans and fans of the action genre, Predator: The Prey arrives in 2022 – 100% (victim), which is a new part of the franchise.

predator: prey 100% will get a first live show on the platform star +the film was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who also directed 10 Cloverfield Street – 90%. Predator: Prey scenario – 100% done by Patrick Ayson. The plot takes us 300 years back to the Comanche Nation, where Naru (Amber Midthunder) is a fierce and highly skilled young warrior who grew up in the shadow of some legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains. When danger threatens his camp, he sets out to protect his people. The prey he hunts and eventually encounters turns out to be a sophisticated space predator with a technologically advanced arsenal, resulting in a cruel and terrifying confrontation between the two opponents.

After getting so many sequels to this franchise without much merit or substance, fans and the movie press didn’t know exactly what to expect from a new alien hunter movie, however, expectations remained high until its premiere. San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Now, critics who have already had a chance to see Predator: Prey – 100% share their opinions, and to everyone’s surprise, the result was very favorable.

predator: prey It debuted 100% with an excellent rating, thanks to press reviews, which confirm that it’s a great movie that knows how to balance three elements of successful action: masterful filmmaking, solid performance by the cast, and level shaken action. Any fan of the franchise will realize that this feature-length movie delivers everything the sequels promised, but unfortunately didn’t deliver. Therefore, journalists consider this to be the best sequel to Predator since the original tape.

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Professionals agree that one of the keys to this film’s success is that it takes the essential elements of the first part and makes use of technological advances for visual effects. Although the movie seems very related to the original, Predator: Prey – 100% makes a significant effort to build his own narrative from Native American traditions and culture. Some aspects may be familiar to fans, but the filmmaker knows how to explore other ways to surprise the audience and avoid its predictability.

It stands out in the reviews as a movie that offers large doses of combative and entertaining scenes. Highlights the visual section with an image Jeff Cutter Captures the dazzling and mystical natural environment. As for the special effects, there is no complaint about them, and critics confirm that they improve as the film progresses, and that the director uses them very cleverly.

For critics, one of the strongest points is the performance of Amber Midthunder, who manages to be a wild heroine and is able to create emotions through her choreography. They claim this isn’t a movie that will reinvent the action genre, but it does well justify its existence to revitalize a franchise that has been stagnant for some time. Although the premiere will be by broadcast and not in theaters, Dan Trachtenberg is back predator Through the front door and more forcefully than ever. The story is expected to continue on the right track going forward.

Here’s more of what critics have to say about this movie premiere Starplus:

Jeff Ewing From Forbes:

The action sequences are well designed and skillfully performed by talented entrepreneurs. The attention to historical detail really shines here…

James Dyer empire:

…the best Predator movie since the original, Prey proves that, against all odds, there’s still life in the franchise, not to mention an exciting new role in Amber Midthunder.

Spencer Perry From

While some fans of the series as a whole will find its connection to the rest of the movies a powerful narrative boost, the truth is that it works well for non-fans…

Michael Walsh From nerd:

Prey is a really fun movie with great visuals, great lead performance, interesting and original setting, very entertaining fight scenes, great writing, and a clear love for all things predator.

Magnus Groth Andersen From GameReactor:

Prey is a success because it subtly reintroduces this iconic character into a new set of circumstances and revitalizes her as a result. Sure, you don’t reinvent the wheel, and you don’t need to either, but it’s definitely good entertainment.

Tom Jorgensen From IGN:

Dan Trachtenberg’s prey never gives up. It’s full of the violence and tension that characterizes the Predator franchise, but it’s Amber Midthunder’s stark and fierce role that stands out as its greatest strength.

Ian Sandwell from Digital Spy:

… the prey was clearly created by people who love the predator. It shows in understanding what made the first movie work, and as a result means that the movie is equally effective in what it plans to accomplish.


Matt Donato from sticker magazine:

The performances are as hard as spikes, the action sequences are absurdly bloody, and the intensity is as streamlined as a high-speed arrow.


Jeff Nelson From cheat sheet:

Trachtenberg made many right decisions. Prey is the best part of Predator since the original while creating his own compelling narrative. It’s a shame he skips theaters and goes straight to live.

Joey Magidson From Watch the awards:

The prey must excite the people who have been patiently waiting for this chain to find a foothold for it again. Going back to the basics, it’s all about what works out in this man versus the beast story.

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