Premiere of “Héroes de Barrio”, the family comedy by Cadiz-born Angels Resnais.

Cádiz film maker angeles ren Opens in theaters today Feature Film. neighborhood heroes is the title of this values-between story, a comedy for family fans in which women’s football plays the role of the common thread to tell the girl’s desire to be the best footballer in the national team, and that among the cast in general is very cool, Betis player Joaquin In the first appearance of a movie considered the least funny.

Together with the footballer from Porto, they appeared in this film Antonio Bagadowho plays the role of a man who wants his daughter back, a role he does Luna FulgencioDreamy soccer player. Antonio Decent, Lizzie Linder, Alex Odugerti, Jesus Olmedo and Ana Lopez Segovia from Cadiz They are other actors who complete the cast of this film.

Ángeles Reiné, who debuted on the big screen with coming out of the closet After a fruitful career behind the camera that included commercials and TV series, she is now showing for the first time a daily story she herself is responsible for qualifying:The film depicts life in the neighborhood, People who work hard every day to move forward in their lives. It is the story of a loser who becomes a hero to his daughter and the neighborhood. The heroine, a 9-year-old girl, dreams of playing for the Spanish women’s soccer team when she grows up. It is important to have dreams and to believe in them because sometimes they come true.”

The Cadiz-born director believes that football is “no longer just a thing for men” and that this film, by having women’s football, now on the rise, as a backdrop, also works to “support gender equality”.

It’s a family movie Let parents and children have a good time and leave the cinema with a smile and good taste in their mouths,” sums up the director. coming out of the closet Renee had heroes Rosa Maria Sarda and Veronica Forkyin neighborhood heroes It is also surrounded by outstanding actors, with a large presence of Andalusian actors, which the director appreciates with satisfaction: “I was very fortunate to have such talented actors and wonderful people. I enjoyed it a lot.”

In addition, he highlights the role played by Luna Fulgencia, a young girl with cinematic experience for her participation in the latest comedies of Santiago Segura: “Working with Luna Fulgencia was very easy, She is a great actress, besides she is still a girl and still maintains an illusion in everything she does. She is very disciplined and has a great ability to listen and focus. I hope to work with her again soon.”

Ángeles Reiné realizes that moving forward with the second film has little to do with, at least in her case, with the first film showing, with that late lesbian love story that also took time to find a gap between the theatrical versions. Everything was completely different now and the film, in fact, is shown in a general way on many screens in the country: “Yes, of course, it is clear. Get out of the wardrobe It helped me to be able to make this second movie and I hope this movie will help me make the third movie and I can It was called in Cadiz‘ concludes the director.

Other notable premieres of the weekend

Notable premieres on Friday’s bulletin board, as well as Neighborhood Heroes, with movies like whirlpoola different and emotional reflection of Gaspar Noé on old age or forgivenFilm with Jessica Chastain and Ralph Fiennes.

Based on the unforgettable novel by Lawrence Osborne, forgiven It follows a wealthy couple on the verge of divorce as they travel from London to Morocco for a luxurious weekend getaway at friends’ posh desert home; After a meal with a lot of alcohol, a tragedy occurs.

For his part, he premiered Gaspar Noé, an extraordinary filmmaker who did not leave anyone indifferent to his previous creations. whirlpool In Spanish theaters by the company Filmin, which will later combine its productions. The French-Argentine director abandons provocation and candor in films such as seeAnd the climax also Irreversible To make way for a painful drama about the deterioration of an elderly couple.

With more than twenty films to her credit, French Catherine Corsini delves into its own broke down In the chaos of the emergency department of a general hospital to denounce the saturation of the French health system. The film, which was shown in the official competition section of the Cannes Film Festival, and winner of the Queer Palm award, features the powerful lead couple written by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Marina Voss.

In the latest premieres, Palestinian director Hani Abu Assad, who also signs a script Hoda’s betrayalIt uses the story of Reem, a young Palestinian mother married to a jealous man, to provoke a drama based on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Weekend is also among the premieres with a story for young children, The League of Super Petsan animated film produced by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, with a screenplay by John Whittington and Stern himself.


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