PUZ, an ongoing factory of nearly 3,000 books for all audiences

The Africa Ibarra room in Paraninfo at the University of Zaragoza is like a treasure island: this place, almost, unnoticed, with special lighting, with a circular wall, where everything is possible: the constant coexistence of intimacy and beauty, wonder, surprise and elegance. Exhibition “PUZ. 2022. Four decades of editorial culture, which opened on Thursday May 26 on that podium, the Africa Ibarra Hall, where Pepe Cerdá Sr. and Luis Grañena, Antonio Santos, and “Illustrated Pioneers at the University of Zaragoza,” among other exhibitions. Artist and designer Fernando Lacheras has envisioned this calm and suggestive look, with plenty to see and think, from nearly four decades of books, authors, dreams, and settings on the page.

On the main wall, the gallery displays a mosaic of a wide range of 2,647 titles published by this publishing house, belonging to 2,229 authors and of which 381,509 copies have been sold. Copies of nearly all collections and some unprinted sizes are displayed on that wall, and “It can’t even be found in edit boxes,” said Pedro Regula, director of the printing press at the University of Zaragoza, who recalled his predecessors and praised them.

On the other wall, slightly rounded, the outside collaborators are honored, starting with José Luis Cano, who was the first designer and model maker for most of the collections and is now a portrait artist for Aragonese authors (Braulio Foz, Joaquín Costa, Ana María Navales, etc.) that appear in the Larumbe collection , which is still managed by Perez Lacheras. Then comes the Sagardiana group. Feminist Studies, with Sargantana logo, designed and illustrated by Oscar Sanmartín Vargas.

Pérez Arteaga is the visual catalyst for the Luis Buñuel collection. Cinema and avant-garde. Cartoonist and illustrator Berta Bell explains all the editing processes in the vignettes. Isidro Ferrer is the cover artist of the Libros y Oceans group – he has already mentioned in passing that his catalog “Esto no es un cartel” is one of the publisher’s great successes – and has positioned the swimmer as a catchphrase. Jesús Cisneros collaborates on several series: some decorations and drawings on the cover of the poetry collection La Gruta de las voz and covers of [Re]Think education. The classics, which he usually does with objects and volumes. It concludes with David Guirao, who has been involved in Larumbe Chicos and is now the visual ambassador for the Caixón de Sastre literary group. In the central jar are some of the original books translated in PUZ.

The Vice Chancellor for Culture and Social Work noted that PUZ is a “strategic commitment,” leaning towards diversity, which is increasing every day: “It competes with the best publishers, implements joint editions and is very well positioned in the university and commercial publishers rankings,” and noted that Its key or motto is “rigor and excellence” because PUZ, as Pedro Regula will immediately confirm, has a strict filter, a scientific committee that reads and evaluates the originals.

Pedro Regula wanted to differentiate between a service of publications, which already existed, and a brand like PUZ which had an “editorial project, focused on international models such as Oxford and the University Press, which sought to disseminate knowledge, in all the regions created from Zaragoza to the world, and vice versa. He noted that authors and teachers are the “first followers” of stamps. “A publisher is like a tree that grows and thrives in the middle of an ecosystem.” Science and Humanities.

In addition to explaining that all collections have a director and advisory committee, he noted that the collections are academic in character and at the same time designed, in many cases, for all audiences, and that they operate with the premise of “quality, accuracy, and brilliance” across all disciplines: science, social sciences, literature , history, cinema, music, comics, biographies, etc. Pedro Regula noted that over the past 10 years, several books have been produced at PUZ’s digital printing press, which “has a great, professional, and widely contrasted team”.

Rogola, passionate and fully engaged, praised Fernando Lacheras’ pitch and noted that PUZ regions are also committed to marketing: Our books can be found in any corner of the planet, both on paper and in digital form.

One of the first design and cover artists for PUZ, José Luis Cano is now designing Larumbe covers.
One of the first design and cover artists for PUZ, José Luis Cano is now designing Larumbe covers.
Francis Jimenez.

On the occasion of the exhibition, which will run until September, a catalog book has been published in which all directors of the label – José Luis Rodríguez, 1987-1990; Manuel Contreras, 1990–1992; Francisco Javier Arcega, 1992; Guillermo Perez Sarrion, 1992-2000; Antonio Pérez, 2000-2010; And Pedro Rújula himself, who had worked in management for twelve years – recalled the details and explained his method of management. also, 40 books were discussed and all collections were reviewed with the title.


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