Rich business behind concerts

Festivals don’t just live on music. Promoters strive to get the full experience of their audience, with food, costumes and entertainment outside of the artists taking the stage. So More and more companies are taking advantage of the festival business, and above all, in the summer, When good weather allows practically any activity to be taken outside. Thus, people no longer just go to a concert to enjoy the best music, but also to have a good dinner, to buy the most famous shirt or to play sports that would not be reached in any other way.

Safety on the bracelet.

The epidemic has not only caused an unprecedented disruption to the cultural industry, but also caused a wave of changes in the sector. is one of the companies that has had to adapt to new conditions by incorporating technology to control capacity and access and introducing wristbands for cashless payments. The ticket company’s search engine optimist, Ivan T. Hall, explains that these options generate advantages not only for festival promoters, who can collect data from their audience, but also prevent theft and provide security in transactions. Despite the fact that it is a technology that appeared before the pandemic, it has proven to be absolutely necessary with the new normal because it generates “cleaner and faster” activities, explains the Canarian entrepreneur, who adds that activity in the festival sector has fully recovered, and in fact, “there is a festival track Exceeding all expectations of recovery in the sector” and this, of course, generates more work for companies like


PHE Festival 2021
Andres Gutierrez

to regain strength.

Food stalls have become an indispensable space in festivals. Drinking without being accompanied by a good plate of food is inconceivable to the public, who increasingly demand a more careful gastronomic presentation. That’s why itThe diversity of proposals has become a constant. Patricia Santana de la Cova has had a food cart of waffles, waffles and crepes since 2016 It provides food for both events on Gran Canaria, where she lives, and the other islands. He belongs to a family of Carneys and says he bought this food truck because he wanted to carry on his parents’ traditions. Hence, there is no restaurant or stable business behind this initiative. The young woman confirms that she can Going to music festivals with his food cart “It’s cool Because that gives us more business opportunities.” In fact, he adds that he usually goes to dates with another partner, but it is not surprising that the large influx of people makes it necessary to strengthen his team. In addition to this food truck, De la Cova has two booths To sell drinks and confirm that in both cases the sector has fully recovered after the pandemic because there are more dates than before the crisis.

Gastronomic suggestion from Andrés Leoni Results in culture because all the benefits chimichurri themed cart, Home of the famous Argentine sandwiches, go to Areco Viejo International Art Association Who implements landscape proposals. “For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work in a festival environment because the energy is very different from what you can get in a communal booth or a restaurant,” reflects Leone who calls for the expansion of spaces for gastronomic proposals Tenerife, where the example of islands such as Gran Canaria, which organized spaces and paths for food trucks.

Although they work with this sandwich cart year-round, Andrés Leoni admits that it’s in the summer when they have more appointments on the agenda and go to all the islands they can. “We have an overbooking because it seems everyone is eager to go out to concerts, there is a need for cultural activities and outdoor activities that we celebrate because, in addition, any date is full of people,” celebrates the musician who remembers that with will now be able to collect all the money raised From launching music lessons at the association’s headquarters.

Many small and medium-sized Canarian companies revolve around summer music events that see a niche in the market in this sector


Handsome and beautiful.

Festivals have their own rituals when it comes to fashion and appearance. Perfectly thinking about the festival look most appropriate for each date became another part of the experience. It is no longer necessary to go to Coachella, the canary audience is also accustomed to the bright makeup. Events came into play and their increasingly diverse complements included themes related to make-up and accessories.

Carolina Jazquez is responsible for Gran Canaria for Trucco Azafatas. She was responsible, for example, for the makeup service presented on July 8 and 9 at the Gran Canaria Live Fest. This young chicharrera explains that the services are carried out according to the wishes of each client. “We are already a host agency but we adapt our service to the nature of each case. We were also at GranCa promoting some cleaning products.” Regarding the experience of creating an audience in the purest festive style, Gasquez is still amazed when he remembers his success. “It was the biggest queue in the whole festival for us. I was delirious because someone had spent up to three hours waiting.” «On the last day, I devoted myself to going to the queue and putting makeup on the boys and girls so they wouldn’t wait. It was so much fun and everyone loved it.

For small and medium businesses like Gazquez, the return of summer music gatherings is undoubtedly good news. Especially two years after the pandemic. “The truth is that it was such a hard break that walking again is a pleasure,” he celebrates. His next date will be this weekend at the Maspalomas Spirit Festival.

adventurous audience.

There is no festival without sports activity. This is another of the principles of programmers. Daniel Yannis is responsible for Abora Producciones, whichue was responsible for installing the zip line that was firing spectators for two days from one side of Gran Canaria stadium to the other side at GranCa Live Fest. “The idea was to develop a family festival,” he recalls. After considering several optionsYannis put on the table an idea he had seen in Las Vegas: a zip line. More than a thousand people passed by, although the entertainment show in the park is completed with bouncy castles and a virtual area with a photo. Abora Producciones carries out projects of this kind throughout the archipelago and also travels to the rest of the national territory and beyond. They specialize in the design of recreational infrastructure. At the Fiesta Tropical Alcaravaneras, recently erected on the famous beach of the capital of Gran Canaria, they have installed what is considered the largest water inflatable in the Canary Islands. “It’s really betting on festivals that offer something more than music. He is a model that will remain.”

The Phe Festival has included this type of movement since its first edition. The goal: to create a complete experience around one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Canary Islands, Puerto de la Cruz, and to engage new audiences in its programmes. Six years later, all sectors of the city were involved. Santiago Estevez runs the yoga studio El Tree Natural Therapy on Esquivel Avenue. Collaborate on one of the most successful slopes: Phe Yoga. “It’s about offering a week of cultural and sports activities and other options,” he explains. The Phe Sports Show was completed, among other activities, with the Regional Ski Championships and the BMK and BMK Aqualia Water Jump, the classic sidewalk acrobatic jump competition.

Festival fashion.

The relaxed atmosphere of the festival also invites consumption, especially the existing domestic brands Design, creativity, exclusivity and the message stamp its identity. Present at many events of the island festival, Brand Trust, Pussy It has carved its own niche in the industry. Luisa Castañeda is its founder and asserts that participating in their markets “is not only beneficial to us financially, but also an excellent way to promote ourselves and convey our message”. The brand’s next appointment, in addition to the Phe Festival, isThis will be the Boreal Festival, in the municipality of Tenerife in Los Silos.

Javier Montelongo is behind Oss. A brand of textile products based on famous canary icons. Since 2017, he has been making designs and, in addition to the various stores on the islands, he sells them himself through the trend markets organized within the festivals. He maintains that these initiatives allowed him to introduce himself to the general public, and it is not uncommon for companies that distribute their products to ask him for more merchandise before attending these appointments. “I am more present among potential buyers as well as on different islands, since I am from Tenerife otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get to so many corners,” reflects the young man who adds that his outfits are as diverse as the audience that comes to all these festivals.

More parity in front and behind the scenes

The rise of festivals in the Canary summer is a reality. And that these don’t have the proper female presence either. The group of major recruitment agencies for artists or groups in Spain consists of 21 companies that manage the agenda of a total of 439 artists. Of these, only 146 are women, according to 2022 data. But this disparity in representation between men and women at festivals occurs not only on stage, but also behind it, from content programmers to lighting technicians.

Miguel Manicao, president of the Canary Music Group, summarizes that, despite remarkable progress in recent years to promote a greater female presence in the sector, “there is a shortage of women throughout the chain, not only in the Canary Islands, but in all of Spain.” “Obviously we are not talking about the disparity of skills between men and women, but it is necessary to create a basic culture,” says the head of the music bloc.

But the gender gap exists not only in the performers who come up on stage, but in all the ensembles that make these festivals possible. Manekau warns of the need to have more programmers: “Women should reach important positions, be programmed to be able to set the line of projects.” In this sense, he shows that in Latin America, women have already begun to take center stage in these positions, while in the United States, women’s gangs are becoming famous. However, in the Canary Islands, “we have the challenge of attracting the new generations of women, which will give equality to the sector within five or ten years.”


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