Ricky Martin to debut in Hollywood Bowl with L.A. Philharmonic after overcoming controversy

It’s been nearly four decades since he first took to the stage, but Ricky Martin still has outstanding debts to some of the world’s most important ballrooms, including the Hollywood Bowl, where he has yet to perform.

But that’s all about to change due to his highly anticipated debut at a symbolic outdoor residence, which will take place on July 22 and will be followed by an additional show day, taking place just like the premiere next to the famous Los. Angels Philharmonic directed by the famous Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

In other circumstances, we’d have a totally happy moment in the career of the winner of two Grammy Awards and five Latin Awards; But anyone who is minimally aware of what is happening in the entertainment world will already know that in recent days, the artist has been giving something to talk about not because of his musical or theatrical abilities, but because of the widespread controversy on sensitive topics ranging from domestic violence to incest.

To be completely clear, all these accusations, launched from different fronts and often linked to the erotic desire of some media, were not.
They have not been proven even remotely until today, when they were practically separated, at least in the region in which they grew up.

The fact is that the artist’s 21-year-old nephew – the nephew of his half-sister Vanessa Martin – whose name was revealed without permission and not published by many media outlets, obtained a restraining order against his famous uncle. After reassuring the authorities that he feared for his safety due to the alleged physical and psychological abuse he had committed against himself by the defendant, which, according to the complaint, would not have ended the romantic relationship they both had for seven months the next day. Puerto Rico Island.

show must go on

The first case of obtaining a restraining order against someone – which the complainant has had so far – does not usually require convincing evidence, and is temporary; In fact, this Thursday — a day before the first appearance in the Bowl — the interpreter for “Livin’ la vida loca” was finally able to shake off the harmful situation because his nephew decided to voluntarily withdraw the case in the municipal San Juan courthouse which closed it.

Both Martin and his lawyer Marty Singer categorically denied that the singer was in a romantic relationship with the young man, with the latter asserting that the latter suffers from “profound mental health issues”, in keeping with what was previously reported in a long video. On Spanish published by Eric Martin, Ricky’s half-brother.

However, when reviewing social networks, prior to the announcement of the Puerto Rican court’s decision, it was possible to find countless comments from unidentified users who were already taken for granted that the accusations were true, which is not surprising given the malicious aspect of the Internet in many Sometimes, but this can become very detrimental to the reputation of said person, especially in the “cancellation” times we live in.

Whatever the case, the singer’s publicist and representatives of L.A. Phil (which is how the local Philharmonic is known) confirmed earlier this week that the two concerts would take place, even though it was impossible for us to get the interviews we were looking for. With Martin and Dudamel, who will be by the pop star’s side for two scheduled nights.

Ricky Martin poses for photographers at an event on May 25, 2022 in Cannes, France.

Ricky Martin poses for photographers at an event on May 25, 2022 in Cannes, France.

(Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

important voice

Besides the obvious resolution of the complicated situation that exists between the singer and his nephew, what was happening inevitably affected the LGBTQ+ Latino community, because since coming out of the closet in March 2010, Martin has become one of the most visible and visible of the characters. Respected representatives of this community in the entertainment world.

The idol has taken the unbeatable opportunity that fame gives him to publicly defend the causes of the ‘queer’ movement, as he explained just a few weeks ago using his Instagram account – where he has 17 million followers – to question those who attacked the movie ‘Lightyear’ for including a short kiss. Very much between two women.

“[A] “Those people who thought their children would become gay to watch Lightyear made documentaries about Einstein to see if the intelligence they didn’t acquire through genetics also affected them,” said the artist, with palpable anger.

In June, Martin also took to social media to announce that he joined forces with Lin-Manuel Miranda to announce the creation of Advance Change Together (ACT), a “new initiative in support of Latino LGBTTIQ+ organizations” that will also take on the defense of this community against attacks of various kinds that suffers from it.

Between home, studio and group

In addition, her marriage so far to the Syrian-Swedish painter Joan Youssef, which the singer confirmed in January 2018, is one of the most famous and famous of the community. The Latin music star and visual artist together became parents to Lucia Martin Joseph (born December 2018) and Ren Martin Joseph (born October 2019), who joined twins Matteo and Valentino, born in August 2008 through surrogacy.

All of these children—whose forms of access to the world were obviously a source of scandal to conservatives—appeared frequently on the social networks the couple run, and in the case of the older children, it was even more severe. , until the point where Valentino has an account on TikTok that already collects thousands of followers and is used to posting dance videos and family scenes.

Whatever the case, for now, aside from the legal issue he was facing and the care he would have to give his family, Martin was dedicated to promoting his new album, “Play,” the second part of the album that was going to be originally called “Moments” but decided It is the same divided into two parts. The first installment, “Pause”, appeared on May 28, 2022, and was surprisingly released in digital download and streaming formats on July 13. The extensive reviews were largely positive.

There is more news of interest in his career, such as his participation as an actor in the Apple TV + series “Mrs. American Pie,” based on a popular novel by writer Juliet McDaniel, will find him sharing the screen with famous actresses Laura Dern (“Jurassic Park”) and Kristen Wiig (“Bridesmaids”). Production began in May 2022, and a release date has yet to be set.

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