Rosalia definitely didn’t watch the Opus concert.

Fortu and “La Mari”, his mother, became a phenomenon on social networks thanks to their spontaneity and their interesting love-hate relationship. So much so that they just published their first book “Let’s Eat, Balls!” (Arcopress) to the delight of his thousands of followers where, in addition to the recipes, the Opis singer remembers his years on the road, tells us the tales he lived with other singers… and allows us to enter the privacy of his home with his wife and mother. With the three of us, we have an impossible conversation headed up by Mary’s Flying Shoes.

From rock star to master of the kitchen…you’ll think it’s good to compete with Arzak or Dabiz Muñoz!

Fortu: I’d like to compete with these two master chefs (hahahaha)..yes, I’m more fun.

No Mari: What fun or what the hell? You’re a polo idiot, even though you definitely sing better than them


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