Seduced by the ‘Hakuna Phenomenon’: Young Catholics on stage to sing for Jesus

Filling stadiums to sing to Jesus or sign autographs with verses from the Bible is something that doesn’t happen very often in Spain. However, the closest thing to this can be current phenomena such as the Hakuna congregation, the success among young Catholics. The last to ride on this wave of praise, youth, joy and a lot of faith are the Trego 13 boys.

We children have experience with God, and we want the rest to have their own experience, Thanks to the music we love and that we compose,” Almudena, the band’s vocalist, admits. At 24, this young woman recently turned into a lawyer, She considers herself a “normal, ordinary” girl who spends part of her day preparing songs, rehearsing her voice, and above all praying..

God is the beacon that guides them

“Trigo 13 is a dream, a place to meet God and get to know myself better. I come from a Catholic family, but until my second year of I didn’t realize that they always put God on a plate, and now it’s my turn to choose“, the young woman refers to religion in freedom. For her, God is the main mover.”It is he who guides me, he is a beacon, he gives me coherence and meaning to everything I doIn music and in my life.

wheat 13.Almudena and her boyfriend began recording songs during the pandemic for their parish.

Born as a group in 2021, this year they held four concerts, and in mid-July, they released their first song, “Al lio”, which became a hit on Spotify. “My partner Monica and I were going to a mass in the diocese of Santo Tomas Morro, in Majadahonda (Madrid), The priest suggested that we record songs for the masses Online broadcast during the pandemicWe started to see that people really liked what we did,” Almudena Aguiar explains. These almost newborn works of Catholic music They can be found on YouTube and on their social networks.

Trigo 13 consists of enthusiastic young people who are passionate about music and seek to develop their faith daily, either through the sacraments or through prayer. “We guys have found another way to pray in musicPeople who like to make plans, like everyone in our time, we are hippies The Catholics ‘the Almudena comments, laughing. The vocalist notes that the name of the group refers to the parable of the sower.’Wheat strives to be that seed that ends in fruit, which, when one listens to us, leads them to prayer‘, he points out.

For this group from Madrid, God is always present in everything they do. “We call them rehearsals, but really, he’ll pray. It’s our starting point for everything, even At concerts, we always pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us. We love to see people screaming, jumping and praying with our songs“, comments the young woman. Although Trigo 13 has its own style, Almudena admits that it is a follower of the great phenomenon of this type of music in Spain.”Hakuna hits us all and gives us this illusionThat healthy envy. I already have tickets to see them.”

Heart touching music

Without their passion for music, these young people would not be able to pray for their followers. “Music is a very simple way for people to pray almost without realizing it. We do something that anyone can sing, simple, close and adapt to all kinds of audiences, touching people’s feelings. When we started, we recorded in the bass of a well-known group in Spain, not at all Catholic, who were hallucinating with our words.But then he asked us questions and became interested in what we were doing.”

Although the lockdown has left a lot of suffering, it has also helped foster faith in vibrant initiatives. In the past two years There are a lot of ideas coming out of youth to youth, in the spirit of getting up and moving and taking action. Young people do not look back“They’re determined, I’m including myself, glad we woke up, hearts are widening. And so, a lot of them tell us that,” the singer says.We met people who came to listen to us, were friends of friends, and our work reached them‘, he explains.

wheat 13The band from Madrid believes that this music has a great future and above all a great deal of meaning.

Trigo 13 Tramples on Spanish Catholic Music And full of dreams. As these young people realize: “God’s plans are always greater than we can imagine.” For the modena, This type of music has a great future and above all a great deal of meanings. “We would like to have in Spain the opportunities that American religious groups have, making them big. Fill the vast spaces with an air of fervent prayer. We have a song called “Cuéntame” that talks about going to heaven as a team. This will be our ultimate dream. I always imagine Jesus at rehearsals giving his allAlmudena is saved.


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