Self-help books | The 7 Sales Destroyer Self-Help Books That Can Achieving Change

“Fashion self-help books” is a widely popular phrase these days, and more on that yet pandemic, which we can refine. Within this type of reading, we can perform a small classification: motivational books Read lighter with more marketing and books mediators With some scientific exercises and practical books scientific reseach, a little more intense, which also helps to identify and solve those internal problems that matter to us by showing scientific evidence. And this phrase, which actually refers only to motivational books, says “it’s trendy,” a concept that defines Spanish Dictionary As something “popular for some time, or in a particular country”. Should self-knowledge, introspection, and insight be “in”? Psychological health? As you contemplate the answer, we leave you some reading Arranged from lightest to most practical and scientific.

Seven self-help books in fashion pixels

Second Aid Guide Follow Favorite

On April 6 after negative thinking, May death be with you also Dictionary of things I didn’t know how to explain to youAnd the Resto Megidi posted to him The tenth book From the hand of liberation, mainly Second Aid Guidehowever, as he rightly says, “This is not evidence (…) It is not organized, like life, which always comes as it pleasesA book that helps you understand and assess the “spark of life.”

joke of my life Follow Favorite

Peace Padilla He decided to explain to the world his feelings and thoughts as a result of her husband’s death, Antonio VidalA brain tumor. As a result of this defining moment in her life and as a therapy, she decided to begin telling this intimate, beautiful, and honest story of, as the title says, Humor and love Thus, helping people “understand and accept death.”

The Subtle Art Of Giving A Shit About (Almost Everything) (Mark Manson)

east Best seller Dolly, the hub reveals that he is a safer and happier person: learning to navigate that great wave called “adversity”. Mark Manson reminds us that humans We are imperfect and limitedTherefore, we must learn to identify our strengths and, above all, our weaknesses. Between his thrilling stories and somewhat grotesque humor, Manson shows us that valuing ourselves and being honest and patient with ourselves is the way to find inner peace.

The monk who sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

Sometimes in the middle The double-edged sword of routine: chaos and monotonyWe sat on the sofa and We are rethinking our lives. In this book, through the dialogues of his characters who talk about the deepest of what they learned during a trip to the Himalayas, after a complete separation from his life, Robin Sharma helps us find our way without forgetting who we are, as mentioned ex-football player Mexican Ricardo Cadena, a devoted admirer of this book: “It is the search for balance in life.”

Now it’s your turn to be happy Follow Favorite

If your thoughts are stuck in a painful past, in a “what if” or if you constantly look anxiously toward the future, this book will show you One of the greatest tools What you can get out of this loop: the present. Curro Cañete, by reflection and Practical exercisesHe will try to guide you on the path of self-knowledge to bet on your dreams.

everything is possible (Luis Perez Santiago)

Maybe some of your weaknesses Shyness, be persistent and achieve the goals you set for yourself, Fall recovery what are you suffering from I love you more. Luis Perez Santiago, who also suffered from this all his humble and difficult life, invites you to identify and transform your weaknesses to restore the direction of your life With enthusiasm and with greater certainty of yourself more than ever.

emotional smartness (Daniel Goleman)

east Best seller reveal why Emotional intelligence leads to successMore than IQ. Daniel Goleman explains that lying thinks and feels because “the brain responds to an event faster than the rational mind” and that it is necessary to control emotions because these “impulses lead us to act” and consume our energy, affecting our abilities to learningability to express knowledge, Leadership relate to, above all, in our health.

For a more complete reading, We recommend collecting Two different types: one lighter and one scientific.

It may also be fashionable to criticize these publications which, when it comes to the truth, should be of help and support Should not replace professional help. but primarily, love is the important Embarking on the path of self-knowledge to present our best version, it is the reader himself who holds this key.

Seven self-help books in fashion pixels


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