Sting achieves glory at the Concert Festival

Sting’s was one of the most awaited concerts in the V edition of Concert Music Festival And you just had to go to the areas around Sancti Petri to observe the great expectations that breathed into the environment. with the run out two years ago, Thousands of people gathered to enjoy live the wonderful Sting.

a lot of Familiar faces Like Jose Luis Garcia Cosio, known in the carnival world as slowjournalist and current El País Director, Pepa Bueno and the First Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino Among other personalities, they joined this great musical event in Sanctuary Petri.

Bassey and a former police chief He had already been to San Fernando nearly 30 years ago, in a first step toward opening the borders of the Gulf of Cadiz to international rock. since then, Sting didn’t set foot in Cadiz Province again until Thursday at the music festivalShekelana.

Like an outcast reaching the seashore, sting chest message in a bottle (message in a bottle) To the human tide that caused a great swell in the rhythm of this great success that marked the path of the police. This subject One of Sting’s favourites It is the first single from the group’s second album. Regatta de Blanc (1979). The audience response was immediate and they accompanied Sting, singing and dancing one of the most iconic songs of his career.

Gordon Thomas Summer, known internationally as Sting, was in charge of the police until he entered his solo career. In the mid-1970s, he created his own label that combined punk, jazz, reggae and rock.. Sting’s style on stage in the concert hall is similar to A An Englishman in New YorkAnd the He dazzled his fans with the elegance of this other great success that was included in the second album of his solo career, Nothing like the sun.

Going back for a moment to The Police, Sting went back to those wonderful years to remember it Everything you do is magicAnd the Or what is the same, every little thing you do is magic; Just like he did with his songs.

Without mastering Spanish well, he addressed the audience to wish them good night, after the adrenaline he squandered at the music festival venue. He also took the opportunity to introduce the musicians of his amazing band of musicians one by one Dominic Miller (guitar), Josh Friese (drums), Rufus Miller (guitar), Kevin Webster (keyboard), Shane Sager (harmonica), Melissa Music and Jane Noble (supporting vocals). Without giving up his inseparable bass and whistling to the rhythm if love, Continue with this delightful and wonderful theme included in his latest work, bridge. In the end, he addressed his audience again: “Now I will sing in Spanish, this is called for your love”And the He conveys romance among his loyal followers.

The energy meter started rising as Sting ramped up his bass chords and got into a more electric rhythm for his other new songs, rushing water And the If I lose my faith in youAnd the From his solo career during the nineties. Without losing his faith, he performed one of the best ballads of the 90s, gold fields, Also from his solo album in which Sting set aside his rock image to give himself body and soul for a sweeter song.

At the age of seventy, Sting has a perfect physique that has impressed those who have enjoyed his dedication on stage. Receive some of his music like Shane Sager with a harmonica to perform A whole new day or girl chorus Jane Noble leads the topic heart shapeAnd the Put the audience in his pocket. All this until the song “Fun” thick cloud no rain Who closed the girl choir Melissa Musicleaving Sting visibly impressed and kneeled at his feet with the wonderful musical quality of his voice.

Walking on the moon without any vertigo, Sting filled the concert festival venue with more reggae and rock beats with the success of The Police, walking on the moon The audience gave in to his music and could not stop dancing to his songs. Catharsis came when he entered success very lonely, One of his most awaited songs and The Dance of the Night. Entering chords Everything will be fineAnd the To bring the rhythm of slow reggae alternating with the power of Punkrock, Sting took over the place like a true genius; Despite the irony feeling “extremely lonely”.

She increasingly accompanies Sting, revealing the last hits of the night like strange topic Desert FlowerAnd the from the album A whole new day (1999), where he is interested in Latin and Arabic cultures, and reflects them in the rhythms accompanying the words. Carrying “Memorial of Hidden Hearts and Souls”, Sting delved into the topic of police, king of pain Before leaving the audience breathless with the classic every breath you take.

Time to say goodbye, as the venue was glowing brightly, Sting and his musicians climbed to the front of the stage holding hands and leaning toward their audience at the same time. With this bow he thanked the wonderful reception for his presentation, Between a standing ovation and a loud applause They didn’t let him go. with intense Roxanne, Which completely covered his followers in his intense youthful years and the success of the police, the iconic Sting was saying goodbye to a glorious night of concert music festival.


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