Texas shines at prom festival

Friendly, happy and fun These are some of the characteristics that can be described Charlene Spiteri. Scottish gang leader Texas He arrived with a lot of claws at a concert at a music festival. In fact, it was the first time he had come to Chiclana, and perhaps for that reason, he was so full of enthusiasm on stage. The Auditorium is painted red to match the Texas Band’s logo, which is highly readable on the theater’s home screen.

start with I don’t want a loverAnd the The power of Charlene Spiteri In his words, to the beat of his guitar, he insisted “I don’t want a lover, I just need a friend”; He made the audience surrender to his music from the first moment. His English pop rock never went out of style, and after 35 years in music, his lyrics are original. Hymns full of energy and strength.

In Spanish with a stern English accent, the friendly Charlene Spitteri addressed her audience to greet them. “Hi Shiklana, we are so happy to be here tonight.”. He asked the singer in English if everyone was fine, happy, and ready for the show; To which the fence voices replied, “Yes!” with loud noises. The stage is dying blue, but with the band’s name kept in the auditorium all night long, the artist has deepened her success Hello.

“It’s good to see your smiles”The artist contemplated smiling from the stage. Although she did not speak Spanish and did not address the public in English at all times, she was able to joke about the age of those who came to see her on Sunday night; Which highlights amazed that there were guys on the track. His lively music and invigorating voice lit up a wonderful night at Sanctuary Petri.

The Scottish singer and her band toured with songs south side To celebrate over thirty years in music He also performed the new songs from his latest album, Welcome. Another song that was not lacking in the night was every day now She encouraged the audience to shout louder to accompany her in her performance. She was glad that she was able to return to Spain, and she thanked those who were loyal to her music for accompanying her that night and delving into the vibrant themes Welcome s in our lives The last of his album Silence (1999).

“This is the first time I’ve been to Chiclana. I hope it won’t be the last,” Charlene Spiteri admitted Between the applause who applauded his words. “Do you want me to come back?” , the audience answered a resounding yes. Laughing Charlene told the story that she had gone to the beach but she was Scots and the sun didn’t want Scots; In reference to the color of his skin after exposure to the sun. The audience fully understood what she was saying and laughed with her with this anecdote. He also said that he swam in the sea and that he was beautiful. I still have one question: “What the fuck is this weather?”Referring to the climate in Cadiz, where he did not stop sweating and did not know what they did here with their clothes in the high temperatures. Laughing aside, he asked if they wanted to listen to the Texas guitarist, Tony McGovern, To which the audience answered yes, to delve into the topic conversation.

The rock band provided a key role in each song and Charlene Spitteri made use of the end of each topic to take a break and connect with her fans. “Beautiful,” her followers shouted at her, and to their surprise, she replied in Spanish, “Beautiful and handsome,” with a very English accent.. According to her, her Spanish wasn’t too bad and she was able to say, “Hey, beer, coffee with milk, you damn”, causing the audience and her band members to laugh.

It was one of the moments of the night when he sang summer is, A classic that never goes out of style and which hypnotizes those present; She sings the lyrics with her and enjoys a wonderful summer evening at Sancti Petri. The theater was imposed as a palm-fringed sanctuary with a success that discouraged summer from ending. The emotion of the moment with the topic did not disappear suspense gone, On the contrary, the drummer of the band dazzled the audience with his strength and passion for unfolded rhythms.

“Chiklana, you can dance!” Feeling ready they started dancing with the themes Let’s work it out and when we’re together. Before continuing the dance, Charlene Spiteri took a break, sat on the edge of the stage, drank water and spoke with the audience. He looked at the audience, and asked for the name of a boy who was there enjoying the show. Coincidentally, his name was Fernando, like the title gave his name to the ABBA song and he didn’t hesitate to perform a cappella with laughter. With this complicity he said to him “I love you handsome” I signed an album for him before dedicating the song to him On request. Although difficult because of the language, the singer from Texas pushes the boundaries with her charisma, kindness, and kindness when addressing her audience. Asking them to light up the room with their cell phone lamps, he enthusiastically gave himself to the song On request.

The Scottish artist took the opportunity to thank the Spanish public for Supporting Texans during his 35 years of career in musicTo which his followers, in response, did not stop applauding and encouraging him for his achievements. The dance was to continue and among the audience was a girl named Anne, who invited her to go up on stage. They danced together while holding hands mr fog, creating one of the brightest moments of the night. Surprised by Anne’s rhythm, she joked with the audience: “Young men should teach you how to dance,” and went on to hit songs inner smile s say what you want.

The night was coming to an end and it was hard to say goodbye to Texas. His relationship with the audience encouraged him to continue dancing. His followers asked him for more songs, and since their wishes were orders for Charlene Spittery, the English pop-rock band bid farewell to the big with songs. black eyed boy s suspicious minds. Texas said goodbye to July at the Concert Music Festival with laughter, energy, dance, good music and Give up a unique night It will remain in the subconscious of those who do not want to miss the first date of the Scottish band with Chikilana.


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