The ancient Zarautz monastery opened its public face with the first concert of the Summer Concert

New winds are already starting to blow across the interior of Santa Clara. The group of buildings, located in Zarautz and almost emblematic of the coastal town, recently passed into the hands of the municipality, after centuries of serving as a monastery and housing a group of poor nuns Clare. This Friday, its public function is finally officially opened, with the first concerts of the 34th Summer Concert, by Forma Antiqva.

The beginnings of Santa Clara go back several centuries, up to the 17th century, in the mid-modern era. It was in 1611 when the construction of the monastery began by order of Dona Maria Ana de Zaros y Gamboa; These acts continued for more than a decade, after which a group of poor nuns Clare began to inhabit the room. A few years later, the nearby church was built.

After 500 years of living in the place, In July 2017, Sisters for Poor Clairewho at that time were in Santa Clara, They moved to the Pedorita Monastery in Onati. At the time, “the city council showed the nuns an interest in buying that set of buildings,” Zarautz’s culture adviser, Iron Orbita, told this newspaper.

The audience arrives inside the Santa Clara Convent in Zarautz Ruben Plaza

After many meetings and encounters, In February 2021 a purchase agreement was reached; In November of the same year, the documents were signed Santa Clara (monastery, church and adjacent land) became public property. “The purchase will be very beneficial to the people of Zarutz,” Orbita says.

“The purchase will be very beneficial to the city of Zarutz”

Iron Orbita – Zarotz Culture Consultant

For those who don’t know Santa Clara, it’s about A church and a monastery together total nearly 5,000 square metres. This last property has four floors, and only on the two upper floors actually has about 60 rooms.

As for the ocean, These are the lands with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. Konstre decided to join them in the common areas of the streets of Salberden and Azken Porto and Santa Clara together. will form amalur garden, “A 25,000-square-meter green lung in the center of Zarowitz,” says Orbita.

Concert at the Santa Clara Convent in Zarutz Ruben Plaza

Just as the use of the acquired natural environment was a decision of the municipal government, For the buildings, a consultation process has been conducted among the citizens. Mainly, in the form of opinion polls, which the city council encouraged all those who took the guided tours organized during the months of May and June to complete. The responses reflect that Nearly 60% want to use Santa Clara for cultural purposes. “It is clear that the men and women of Zarutz understand what this building means to people, and the importance it has,” says Orbita, as a result of citizen participation.

But can popular desire be fulfilled? In terms of technical terms, it appears so; Proof of this are the first concerts of the summer music cycle, which were held without any problem. According to Orbita, Cleaning, tidying up and some small maintenance workMunicipal workers work It was enough to clean the place. Yes in deed , The church walls have been treated with soundSo that musical performances can be enjoyed in all their splendor. This is the largest intervention to date.

So it seems that the general condition of the buildings is very good, although “some areas of the monastery have not been used for a long time”, assures the cultural advisor, due to the decline in the number of nuns in recent years.

“This building offers unlimited possibilities and we will analyze each event or service to see if it is suitable or not.”

Iron Orbita – Zarotz Culture Consultant

Looking to the future, Orbita warns that from Consistory we will “continue the process of reflection and analysis” in order to “identify the uses” Santa Clara might have; Always taking into account the words of citizens who, in addition to giving their opinion through surveys, Proposals have been sent to the Board within the Zarautz 2030 Strategic Plan. “This building offers endless possibilities and We will analyze each event or service to see if it is suitable or notWhatever it is, Santa Clara is now an almost blank canvas that can be painted following the color palette chosen by popular selection.


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