The beauty of a swarm of small woods

Among the disciplines taught in Lion Trade Center Do you CarpentryWhich achieved a great position. In fact, the two professors of the aforementioned center, Agustín Castellanos and Ricardo Cambas, recently received the important Richard H. Driehaus Prize for Building Arts.

These two teachers are also responsible for one summer workshops To be developed this week in the above center, and carpentry to assemble Focus on “Surface Strengthening in Spanish Carpentry”. Practical work that they develop throughout the week and put its final fruit on top The Church of Valcappado del Páramoa city they actually worked with last year with a truly exceptional welcome, judging by the value and beauty of the work done.

In the course, they develop the “Process of Building Roof Reinforcements Through a System of Pairs: Stands, Exchangers, Reinforcement Brackets, Materials and Assemblies”, where it is usually insisted that it is an anecdote that everything is assembled and assembled so perfectly, that no single tip or the like is used to build what they on him Juan Carlos Bonga It is defined as a “swarm of small timbers”.

In the same week, students and teachers received a visit from the aforementioned Ponga, an expert on heritage and a student of all things related to it. “I wanted to see how they worked in what is generally known as white armor joinery or lace, of which Castellanos and Cambas are great masters.” He noted, “His carpentry workshop is impressive because of the difficulty and perfect execution of what they achieve. See how shield It is one of those pleasures that are hard to attend. It is to think of how each piece fits perfectly into place, and little by little, piece by piece, we see how a structure is created that surprises at last with its perfection, for the elegance of the drawing, its composition; What I called a swarm of young woods conveys a truly unique sense of beauty.”

Remember Juan Carlos that put white carpentry Or as these works are known, coffered ceilings, “came to Spain in the fourteenth century at the hands of the Mudéjars, those Muslims who resided in Christian lands during the restoration and settled in certain neighborhoods, Moorish. From their hands came the first wooden ceilings, friezes, and coffered ceilings.. which It covered palaces and churches.”

A precious legacy planting examples of its beauty and perfection in different parts of Lyon CountyJuan Carlos Bonga mentions some of them, the most representative, saying: “In the province we have such wonderful works as the chapter of the old monastery. Saint Mark of the Order of Chivalry in Santiago or church Santa Colomba de la Veganear La Bañeza or those in Valdesas de los Oteros, says the most representative coffered ceilings, “but he also wants to focus on other examples that are already the result of the excellent work of the teachers from the León Trades Center and the directors of this summer course.” Agustín and Ricardo have enriched this heritage with the works they carried out in Kanedu Palacechurch Oak Grove in Losadaportico of the Valcabado del Páramo church (work of the “sister” of the current workshop held last year) and hermitage Villaverde from abovewhich was also restored a few dates ago.”

It highlights the interest and value of these professionals and the work they do because, he explains: “It is a complex art, containing more than fifty specific terms to designate types, shapes, compositions and pieces, and the masters who run the carpentry workshop at the Centro de los Oficios de León, Ricardo Cambas and Agustín Castellanos’ mastery of this art by making works, educating students across the peninsula and earning well-deserved recognition at a European level makes us all proud.”

They select from the Trade Center some of the items Ponga mentioned which they show their students. “Tracing and applying the edges of the shields in different types of surfaces. Building stirrups and skirts of full-size shields from a pair, hinged and moamare coils decorated with an eight-shaped combed bow”.
They had already made it to the last part of the workshop (there was another one before) and the result of all this was another unique piece that will depart for its final destination, the Valcabado del Páramo Church, where it will remain untouched. a sample A modus operandi, it will launch an unstoppable word of mouth with everyone who comes to visit it, as it did last year.”

A workshop where you can confirm that you “know them” by their work.


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