The last Leiva, Lola Índigo and Hijos de la Ruina tickets in Castrelos go on sale tomorrow

Life sometimes gives second chances, and Castrillos concerts, also. Once the sale to Vigo’s concerts at Festas next week is fully completed, the city council has announced that it will repeat the process by which it was able to cast Various shipments of tickets For the Love of Lesbian and Tanxugueiras or The scorpion At the end of July.

In this way, the file else Reservations for live viewing fiber (Thursday 6), Lola indigo (Mon 8) and Sons of Desolation + Wöyza (Thursday 11) will be on sale Tomorrow Thursday at ten o’clock.

On this occasion, it will only be in fDefault form through the platform enabled on the City Council website on the same terms price And tickets for everyone in normal sale.

Although the local government The number of tickets that will go on sale this time has not been specified – Previously there were several hundred – would mean a new opportunity for Be guaranteed to see these artists up close In the town hall.

Leva will stop in Vigo as part of his tour “When you bite your lip”. His performance can be enjoyed in the auditorium of Castrelos Thursday August 4.

  • the tickets: 12 euros in kiosks and Free in the stands.

One of the most awaited concerts at the Castrelos Ballroom is Sting, who was also among the first to cancel his annual tour in 2020 due to the global health crisis. english musician He also canceled his shows in 2021So we had to wait until 2022.

Will perform in the outer hall Saturday 6 August 2022. “It will be an unforgettable concert,” said the mayor, Abel Caballero.

  • the tickets: 12 euros in kiosks and Free in the stands.

Lola Índigo will perform at the Olive Garden on Monday August 8. This is the band led by Mimi Duplass, a former contestant in Operation Triumph 2017. He became famous in 2010 during his participation in the television dance show Fame revolution When I was 18 years old.

After passing the program, Madrilenian went on to complete her training in Los Angeles, China or Thailand with choreographers from Jennifer López, Nicki Minaj or Beyonce, as well as dancing with international artists such as Chris Brown, Miguel Bosé or Fyahboy.

  • the tickets: 5 euros in kiosks and Free in the stands.

A 60 minute educational show with live music to spread the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

The mascot “Oso Rosendo” tells tales about the most recognizable groups, talks about heroes, as well as folk songs from different eras: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Guns & Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Nirvana. It has a band of first class musicians.

Sons of Kharab and Wiza

This year, rap and hip-hop will take their place in one of the best outdoor halls in Galicia. As announced by the mayor, Abel Caballero, sons of ruin It will arrive in Vigo next August 11. The trio is made up of acquaintances Natus, Wauer and Recycled J, They will meet in Castrelos where they will present their third work together, “Sons of Desolation Vol. 3”, Which is currently a complete science for fans of the group as well as the genre.

But rap will not only come from the hand of Hijos de la ruina. The viguesa wöyza It will also be shown in Castrillos on Thursday August 11.

  • the tickets: 10 euros in the kiosks and Free in the stands.

National rock will once again make the Castrelos hall vibrate with one of the most famous bands on the scene: G men.

The party will be Sunday 14 August.

  • the tickets: 10 euros in the booths and free in the stands.

It will undoubtedly be a concert for “scandalRaphael will be one of the other artists Best seller To ascend this year to the Hall of Castrelos.

The singer will once again experience ‘Wonderful Night’ as part of his ‘Raphael 6.0’ tour that he is celebrating Sixty years of a musical career. will be the August 16 2022.

  • the tickets: 10 euros in the kiosks and Free in the stands.

The singer is from Madrid Daniel Martin It will also be uploaded this year to Castrillos Hall To present a concert within the municipal program Vigo en Festas. Composer, leader and vocalist of the group crazy song It will be on August 17th.

  • the tickets: 12 euros in kiosks and Free in the stands.


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