The library that lends people instead of books

  • Claire Bates
  • BBC World Service

Flesh and Bones Books.

image source, Menneskebibliotekets


The one in the middle is a book of flesh and blood…

“Transgender”, “Former gang member”, “Polygamy”, “Satanist”, “Sole adopter”. These are some of the titles of human library works, where volumes are made of people made of flesh and blood rather than paper and glue.

They are volunteers who have faced prejudice in their lives and readers can borrow them For a half-hour conversation, in which they are encouraged to ask those uncomfortable questions that have always piqued their interest.

The featured library contains “local book deposits” in about 80 countries around the world, where people, such as Jonathan the Peruvian, also known as Samantha Braxton, are “published”.

By the time a branch librarian in Lima invited her to join 5 years ago, Samantha was already a well-known figure since she was created to inspire people and make them feel good, the proposal fell on her as a link. on the finger

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