The nine July bestsellers to read in August and make the most of the rest of summer

August is the holiday month par excellence in Spain. In other words, it’s synonymous with sun cream supplies to stop a train, a great destination, and a good load of books. If you haven’t stopped at your trusted bookstore yet or have already spotted the titles on your reading list, this July bestseller list can be used as a guide because it includes the essentials that are currently in demand and with whom You won’t miss a reading or a topic of conversation at the pool.

Seven award-winning books you really want to read in the summer

Sanders Alaska AffairJoel Decker

Sanders case Alaska

“I know what you did.” This letter, in the pocket of Alaskan Sanders’ pants, whose body appears on the edge of a lake in a small New Hampshire town, is the key to a new investigation that brings together writer Marcus Goldman and Sergeant Perry Galhalod. On this occasion, they will have the aid of a young female police officer, Lauren Donovan, determined to solve the web of secrets behind the case. When they find out who the Alaskan Sanders really was, the ghosts of the past will appear, too.Especially Harry Quebert.

The Alaskan Sanders Affair (Literature)

The Alaskan Sanders Affair (Literature)

All these things I will tell you tomorrowElizabeth Benavent

Elizabeth Benfanette

Miranda is the deputy director of a fashion magazine and is happy with her partner, Tristan. That’s why she didn’t understand why he left her. She wishes she could turn back the clock and go back to the moment they met… but what if she really had a chance to change her story? Elizabeth Benavente, the queen of Spanish literature and romance is back with Time Leap Story Randomly (and hilariously) recreating the stellar moments of a couple’s relationship.

All those things I'm going to tell you tomorrow (Soma)

All those things I’m going to tell you tomorrow (Soma)

What if we tried it…?Megan Maxwell

Megan Maxwell

Veronica is 38 years old and an independent woman who works hard, but is also stubborn and very controlling. He believed in princesses and princes until he became a frog. Three rules were imposed for the enjoyment of sex without obligation. They have so far given him very good results, but when he meets a man in his forties; Attractive self-confidence; Very sexy and romantic, he manages to drive her crazy. He knows because his heart rushes towards him. He hears his voice and it’s getting hotter. He thinks of him and notices that the elephants are jostling in his stomach. Known They are completely different, but opposite poles attract…

What if we tried it...?  (erotica)

What if we tried it…? (erotica)

Goodbye little boyMaximo Huerta

farthest orchard

This is the heartbreaking testimony of a writer who has faced his harshest novel: the story of his life. When memories hit him while caring for his ailing mother, the past emerges with voids he can’t bridge. Through silence and a great talent for observation, the author reveals his intimate relationship with beauty and the image of a country and time from his family’s world. He is accompanied by his old pet dog, a loyal and charming dog, as a close friend.. Farewell story. Reconstructing a childhood in which everyone (grandparents, parents, children) was very silent.

Goodbye Little Boy: The 2022 Fernando Lara Prize for Fiction (Spanish and Ibero-American Authors)

Goodbye Little Boy: The 2022 Fernando Lara Prize for Fiction (Spanish and Ibero-American Authors)

exterminationMichel Houellebecq


Houellebecq orchestrates an ambitious novel consisting of several things at once: a thrilling esoteric fringe novel, a work of political criticism, A family portrait and an existential narrative of pain and love. This puts us in the year 2027. France is preparing for an election that is very likely to win a TV star. Paul Rayson serves as a consultant on this show. He is a man of few words and an infidel whose marital relationship collapses. Additionally, his father (a retired DGS spy) suffers from a stroke and paralysis. As if all this were not enough, Paul will have to face a personal crisis when he is diagnosed with a serious illness.

Annihilation: 1081 (jigsaw novels)

Annihilation: 1081 (jigsaw novels)

The danger of being saneRosa Montero

The danger of being sane

Based on her personal experience, Rosa Montero presents several books in psychology, neuroscience, literature and memoirs by authors of various disciplines. An engaging study on the links between creativity and mental instability. And he does so by sharing the many curiosities about how our brain works upon creation, breaking down all the aspects that influence the process, and putting them together before the eyes of the reader like a detective willing to unravel the scattered pieces of an investigation.

The Danger of Being Sane (Concise Library)

The Danger of Being Sane (Concise Library)

Death is narrated by a sane NeanderthalJuan Jose Milas and Juan Luis Arsuaga

Juan Jose Melas

After the extraordinary reception of Life is told by the wise to NeanderthalsThis fascinating tandem of Spanish literature revisits themes such as death and immortality, longevity, disease, old age, natural selection, programmed death, and survival. Humor, biology, nature, life, a lot of life… and two great personalities: the sapiens and the Neanderthal. The writer’s paleontologist reveals fundamental aspects of our existence, and discusses the advisability of passing on his random vision of life to Melas on a diet that finds out Old age is a country where you still feel like a foreigner.

Death is narrated by a sane Neanderthal (Spanish)

Death is narrated by a sane Neanderthal (Spanish)

fair wordsMelina Busquets

fair words

In this diary, Melina Busquets practices Impressionist brushstroke writing and He realizes that the Epiphany springs from every day, from what seems to be dwelling. On these pages, masks appear from time to time, but above all life appears: children, love, yoga lessons, psychiatrist visits, chance encounters, reunions, a walk around the neighborhood, writing as daily exercise … and seduction and as it appears with The passage of time, the discoveries about true elegance, Proust, the literary and vital lessons of Chekhov, the passion to tears before celebrating the life of West side story by Spielberg or a hilarious list of the types of readers noticed during long autograph sessions at fairs. And love always love.

Right Words: 697 (Hispanic Novels)

Right Words: 697 (Hispanic Novels)

Soap and Water, Notes on Involuntary EleganceMarta Di Rizzo

soap and water

The book is hard to describe, and it revolves around the same question Cecil Beaton asked: What is elegance? He replied: Soap and water. It is the same saying: What is elegant is what is simple, what is useful, what is lifelong. Involuntary elegance is associated with a dignified gesture, with hidden joy, with the one who contributes to it and pleases him. It’s a personal law built, not as a refuge against vulgarity (because vulgarity can be great), but against the alternative.

Soap and water (compacts)

Soap and water (compacts)

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