The promoter suspends the reggaeton festival a few hours before its celebration

The promoter of the reggaeton festival that was scheduled to take place this afternoon in the municipality of San Miguel de Abona has finally stopped the concerts by not having the permits. The company’s announcement came yesterday evening after 11:00 pm.: Reggaeton Beach Festival ‘Cancelled’. “In the next few days, all attendees will receive an email with instructions to request a full refund of tickets and recharge on bracelets,” says the promoter’s statement that concludes. Legal action will be taken against management for irregularities committed in the processing of files. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

This closes out days of uncertainty after the San Miguel City Council maintained a denial of permit for a show for which nearly 20,000 tickets were sold. The promoter, a national company that organizes these same festivals in other places in Spain such as Barcelona, ​​Mallorca or Santander, had tried until late yesterday to correct the problems but that was impossible. In fact, the local police in San Miguel de Abona yesterday noon closed the venue in Amarilla Golf where the Reggaeton Beach Festival in Tenerife was scheduled to take place all day.

The circle that disappeared

The seals were placed by local agents, with the support of civil guard agents, with the intent of avoiding the celebration of the feast and any problem of public order. And it is that nearly 20,000 tickets have been sold, as the promoter announced on social networks. However, the police station disappeared after the clients left. The organisation, RBF, continued throughout the afternoon and part of last night its preparations, as evidenced by its social media advertisements, with stage-stage work and the distribution of bracelets to hundreds of young people who had gathered. It’s mid afternoon at the Amarilla Golf District. But after 11:00 PM came the final announcement of cancellation.

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And the Southern Consistory maintained the refusal of a license for the ceremony due to the lack of security guarantees, according to technicians’ reports. Organizers attempted to reverse the decision, based on an ordinance issued by the mayor, Arturo Gonzalez, last Tuesday, with documents handed over on Thursday and throughout yesterday. But the municipality’s refusal to grant the permit was maintained, because the required documents were not completed and the security plan was not complied with. The decree based this decision on the absence of unfavorable documents and technical reports from the urban and security fields.

“No news. Stay unauthorized. It is not our business to talk about suspension or ban.” The Southern City Council released the message this afternoon. The same sources indicated that “the second file ended with five negative sectoral reports.” This new document was written to respond to papers, analyzed roughly one by one, that promoters have handed over since Thursday. Both parties maintained multiple contacts during the day.

San Miguel de Abona City Council “did its best to try and celebrate the holiday”. On the other hand, “by accepting documents after the deadline in the first file,” and then “by allowing more papers to be delivered at dawn that have been expressly evaluated to attempt to verify compliance with the law.” But nothing has changed compared to the first file. Official source settled.

missing documents

The promoter of the festival tried to remedy these shortcomings, but it was very difficult to do so in such a short time. Above all, the lack of sectoral certificates, such as the easement for the air corridor that must be sent by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) due to the proximity of the Tenerife Sur airport. While the seal was in place, the police did not close the entrances so that material could be removed from the virtually completed installation for the ceremony. They warned representatives of the organizing company that breaking the seal could constitute a criminal offense if they continued to prepare and tried to celebrate it. That would lead to the opening of legal proceedings. Another piece of information: The private security company that was going to cover the festival assured the organizers that it would give up the service because it was not authorized and the venue was closed. Faced with this situation, the company retreated and announced the cancellation at the last minute.

The sector that is always aware of this business is taxi drivers. Someone was surprised that the city council of San Miguel did not tell them, as on other occasions, the place will be set aside to locate their cars. Yesterday the forty licenses were not enough to transport visitors. “When I got to Las Chaveiras intersection, I saw a lot of young people and traffic jams.” It is narrated by a neighbor of the town who was returning from the capital. He continues: “Some said they came from Las Palmas and others from the peninsula. They went with their bag or suitcase to sleep in the environment. Some even crossed the highway, with its peril. Everyone stayed in “Berio’s Paradise,” as the promoter defines these festivals.

From 65 to 140 euros

Reggaeton Beach Festival in Tenerife It is planned for a space of 20,000 people Almost all tickets, priced between 65 and 140 euros, have been sold out. There were two main factors to call a lot of people, especially young fans of the musical genre. On the one hand, the announcement of a twelve-hour show – from 12:00 to 00:00 – and on the other hand, the attraction of a poster with such high-profile personalities as Anuel AA, Myke Towers or Justin Quiles. It must be another time.

The company canceled the festival amid heavy criticism from the city council. Thus, Consortium was accused of giving permission to other massive events “without a corresponding license” and of acting “with hostility towards our brand, our music and our audience, acting in bad faith and leaking technical reports with false information”. In the statement posted last night on his social networks, the promoter asserts that he should have obtained the permit and that he reserves the right to take legal action “for damages to the product, the organization and third parties”.


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