The Sandman Review – Dreams Don’t Always Come True

As a rule, conditioning operations are very dangerous terrain. Transitioning from vignettes or existing story pages to the cinematic format has its risks, as this does not have the same language as reading and in practice, for the most part, various changes and adjustments have to be made in order to fit the story within a context. A range of duration is accessible to the viewer. Netflix has never been afraid of these mods, which have their positive and negative sides.. Positive because he takes risks and enters pools that few will approach. Negative because it takes a lot of work and talent for this to work.

Sporadic series with a lot of content to cover

hypnotic It is not easy to adapt to this work. Just because of the large mass of dreams, it presents an interesting challenge. Without taking into account, of course, that Neil Gaiman is an unusual author in the comedy industry, it’s not the visceral Garth Innes or the brutal Brian Azzarello, who manage to surprise the generous doses of hemoglobin that appear in their vignettes. Gaiman is an artist of mystery, puzzles, and sudden plot twists. That’s why it might be hypnotic It was meant to be handled with a little care and not be part of that newsgroup that the broadcast giant usually releases every two to three days.Even though it is currently in a severe crisis.

The fantasy film starring Tom Sturridge as Dream, or Morpheus, consists of ten episodes and instead of navigating terrain similar to that of David Lynch, it does so by mimicking part of the track and presentation we’ve seen in products like forsakenAnd the good omens or the new modification of Constantine On TV with Matt Ryan is very successful. Lucifer could be the exception given that he doesn’t seek to blindly follow the comic book in terms of tone, walking away with a more comical main character and a more elevated and spicy tone. American Gods Might fit more into a frame hypnotic. but in general hypnotic It conveys a feeling similar to this: it lacks a claw.


Morpheus’ dream world is not much exploited and there are plenty of characters who also strive to be heroes.

Alan Heinberg, series developer, Don’t get those sequences hypnotic Attractive enough to attract the viewer. The story, although original on TV, does not appear to be the case and it seems that many concepts from the original work have been discarded to try to piece together the story as much as possible so that it can reach a larger number of viewers. In every TV series or movie that is released, you have to go through a learning phase where we, as viewers, get to know the rules that this product is built on. However, with hypnotic Things are a little different because the rules can change at will and depending on the situationAnd this is where Netflix has sought to compress key themes to the maximum: how dreams work, the powers of Morpheus, the existence of other deities, representations of biblical characters that contribute nothing…

hypnotic feel weird, as a product that is not able to grab your attention in its networks despite having all the great components to be able to do so. You want the new series to become a hit and this prevents it from well-establishing itself, rushing and introducing a group of characters that in most cases don’t get anywhere. hypnotic It moves us here and there without a clear direction. The purpose of Morpheus is determined, but there are many factors that slightly hinder its development. There are elements like acting, on many occasions, to forced CGI that make us doubt the speed with which some scenes were built.. This is surprising, in part, because Neil Gaiman himself was involved in the fictional script and was, in theory, very aware of the series, but there is clearly a desire to expand seen as the years go by. . seasons.


From more to less and with a lot of open fronts

hypnotic Start with a very powerful driver, dark with a tone that almost touches the type. Added to this is the introduction of a fantasy world, with the Kingdom of Dreams as the central hub, which gradually fades away as Morpheus is captured. This interesting starting point is irreparably watered down and finished with strange waters that, as we’ve said, convey a sense that’s hard to convey, because the series stays in no man’s land without contributing much and without clarifying what it is that seems beyond. Introducing a new universe. Fiction, of course, is not at all traditional and it may be in part that we are unfamiliar with the narrative opening that makes Open up to other characters to constantly capture the main witness. But the chaos this generates, the mix of information, intrigue, sub-plots and the loss of the North are what ultimately remains as remnants. hypnotic A part of a substance that is too broad to restrict too much.

The Sandman is available on Netflix and consists of ten episodes.

yes, hypnotic It is yes, but at the same time it is no. The dark atmosphere full of monsters and myths is the most attractive, and Tom Sturridge’s interpretation as Morpheus is unforgettable, we couldn’t see another artist representing the character on screen.. We repeat that the pilot is excellent and has pieces that act as a bridge to keep a little interest, but overall it is a very empty product that wants to cover a lot and pay very little. There are a lot of concepts, ideas, characters, and plots that don’t lead anywhere at the moment. Obviously, if there was a season 2, things would be much clearer and Gaiman’s product would be better exploited. However, at this moment hypnotic Don’t finish quitting as it should. At least, yes, the rules for a new set of classes have already been created and this means that things can be improved and refined. Now, you first have to go through the process of the ten episodes of the first season.


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