The ‘Secret Sister’ of Eugenia Martinez de Airo: Her favorite and whom she loves like her aristocratic family

Eugenia Martinez de Irogo is the true heiress of the rebellious spirit of those who have missed out
Caetana de AlbaAnd not just to show off the happiest real smile in the family, dress the world up with her animal or get married in Las Vegas dressed as Marilyn.

When many see their mother in her, they also realize the generosity you care for
Important linksAbove all, those who were part of his childhood. His close relationship with Margaret, whom he considers a sister, is one of them.

Toddlers Kaetana Fitz JamesDuchess of Alba, she wasn’t exactly a bed of roses. At least, that can be deduced from the account that Caetano Martinez de Ierogo made about her and some of the statements of her sister Eugenia.

It was not easy for them to be part of the Alba family. The Duke of Salvatierra was the first to reveal the cruelty of A
lonely childhoodwho was struck by the death of his father, Luis Martinez de Irojo y Artazcoz, when he was only nine years old, and the distance with which his mother treated him.

“I had a sad, lonely childhood. My father died when I was young, my mother was always away from home playing the Duchess of Alba, and when my sister Eugenia was born,
They took a nanny And I had to deal with babysitters who strongly resisted me.” Of Caetana’s second husband, Jesus Aguirre, he said the following: “Jesus arrived and tried to subjugate me by force in the position of my father.”

Eugenia Martinez de Irogo He has commented on some traumatic episodes from his childhood, though in his case he was able to bask in his mother’s affection, perhaps because he arrived at some point.
More maturity and learning from kaytanaHe contracted it when he was 42 years old. It was not the mother’s relationship that caused her bad childhood memories, but specifically Jesus Aguirre. The Duchess and I have been married for 25 years.

“When I got married, Aguirre was like that
bad for us. He was very cultured, but not human. Eugenia confessed to a famous TV show. “He told me some things when I was 11 that I’m still saving for. He called me into his office and said we were still home thanks to him. If something happened to my mom, who, he says, had a heart condition, and that’s a lie, I’d be to blame. I cried alot”.

“This union with my mother has been disastrous for us,” revealed Eugenia Martinez de Irojo. “Everyone has this guy on the altars, but look, I’m pretty good at getting what he already has.” He added: “I encountered him many times, but my mother was always there.
defend him Until the end he always wanted us to see him in another way, so that it was impossible to see him ».

Fortunately for Eugenia and Caetano Martinez de Irojo, he was already in their lives
Margarita Kayargathat governess who transitioned from the care of Caetano to the upbringing of Eugenia, who served as a second mother to both of them and also to her older brother Fernando.

Kayarga came to the Alba family at a very young age but was already trained as a childcare worker and
He raised the six children of the Duchess of Alba. She was a teacher, friend and mother to them all, although when they reached their pre-teens they passed into the hands of an English governess.

Why Margaret is the secret sister of Eugenia Martinez de Irogo

Unfortunately, he died in Madrid at the age of 94, in 2015, just one year after the death of Caetana, Duchess of Alba. It was a hard blow to the brothers
Losing both of their mothers practically at the same time.
Count Salvaterra Every week he came to his house to spend time together: he was an essential person in his life. He said that he saved his life as a child, when he fell into a puddle, and from that moment the bond between them became unbreakable.

They say that the relationship between Margherita, Nana and Caetano was so close that the Duchess of Alba was jealous of her. When he was already out of the orbit of Caetana de Alba, Kayarga always said between the laughs he took
To the best sons of the Duchess. In fact, he was always attentive to her well-being and often invited her to spend time at the property of Las Arroyelas in Carmona (Seville).

Margarita Kayarga She gave birth to her daughter Margaret in 1966. She is only two years older than the Duchess of Montoro, so both girls were
they grew up togetherPractically like sisters. Hence, Eugenia Martinez de Irojo refers to it as
his sister on instagram. Margaret was born with Down syndrome, a circumstance that made the two brothers realize this genetic condition and the need to integrate and normalize it.

Very easy to follow
Margaret’s relationship (56) and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo via Instagram, as the Duchess of Montoro usually doesn’t miss
Celebrating his birthday As we can see now, he seeks to spend his vacation days with his beloved sister.

The relationship between Margaret and the Martinez de Irojo brothers is not only emotional, but legal: Caetano promised to take care of her when Margherita died, and since 2015 he has become her legal guardian.


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