This was the wedding of Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi: in armor, without pictures and with Charlene’s duel against Carolina of Monaco

In Italy, gossip magazines considered this link the wedding of the year in August 2015 and the rest of the European media agreed with it despite not having a single decent photo of the event. It was very easy to fall in love with anything that included Caroline of Monaco, a girlfriend like Beatrice Borromeo, and several private islands.

In a display of aristocratic enthusiasm, even Oggi magazine did not hesitate to rename it after linking to
Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo As the most beautiful couple in all kingdoms,

And they only achieved this through the post-engagement rally they organized while holding hands and
Armani dresses. The result was, yes, somewhat lackluster upon checking that in order to capture that single photo, the bride needed the help of two sailors, her husband, and two other helpers.

Nobody said couture was easy and
Alexandra Hannover She also checked when she was literally dragged into the arms of two other sailors in order to get out of the boat which brought her closer to the last gig in Borromeo.

But let us not anticipate events. Let’s remember that it all started with an unusual wedding menu included
Snail shaped nutcracker Over 500 euros and a wide selection of exciting books.

After confirming the date of the engagement, came the “intimate” civil ceremony that was held in the same hall at the Palace of Monaco, where
Carolina de Monaco had already said “Yes I do” three times.

Five days later, the church step. No one knew what to expect from the couple’s second wedding, which was delayed by the bride herself on at least one occasion in order to cover the election and which one
The grandmothers of the bride and groom were anxiously waiting for months.

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But finally, on August 1, it is the turn of wealthy Borromeo Marzotto to throw the house out the window. And they did. The religious wedding of Beatrice and Pierre V was celebrated
San Giovanni Private Island It is located in the heart of the archipelago that bears the title of the bride’s family located on Lake Maggiore.

But before going to the small island of San Giovanni, give the bride and groom a wedding the day before: a welcome cocktail at
Another island of the Borromeo Archipelago, Isola BellaIbizan moment and flowers from the wedding.

After the religious ceremony that was so armored that no one saw the bride until Armani did not take her out on his Instagram account, everyone who wanted to change their clothes and wipe their tears were sent to the official reception at a third location in Borromean,
Medieval castle of Rocca of AnjiraThe party will continue until dawn.

The religious ceremony took place at noon and was attended by two esteemed witnesses, Marta Marzotto, the bride’s grandmother, draped in one of her famous Moroccan jackets, ready to give her all the tears in the front row, and
Andrea CasiraghiThe groom’s brother.

To avoid the paparazzi
Caroline Monaco I was already on Wedding Island before anyone else and with Pamela, the only guest who showed up this way, because she deserved it. It is not known whether she cried, but she helped her ex-mother-in-law,
Stefano Casiraghi’s mother, Fernanda Biffi.

With everyone already excited and happy for the happy couple, the worthy scene of the Venice Film Festival arrived, in which guests acted as celebrities and
Getting started in Piedmonta ship from the early twentieth century belonging to the fleet of Navigazione Lago Maggiore who was in charge of transporting everyone to Rocca di Angera.

Among the attendees were celebrities from the Italian media scene (it was not for nothing that the bride had been a reporter until then), political figures (with special enthusiasm from
The Mayor of Anjira, Alessandro Palladini MulgorA, who was greeted happily by the sidewalk as if it was his daughter who is to be married) and all the royals who are cared for by the gossip magazines.

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Of course there was Carolina de Monaco and her troops of sons and grandsons, a
Carlotta Casiraghi peeled from the cold (She drew herself in a shawl in the early part of the day and the yellow dress she was wearing was barely visible) and other famous people like Labo and John Elkann (Batrice’s sister-in-law, Lavinia Borromeo),
Haakon and Mette-Marit from Norway Christian from Hanover and Sasa from Osma.

From her stage as a model, Beatrice also rescued her most admired friends, such as models E.
va Herzigova, Alena Seredova and Bianca Brandolini d’AddaWhich in addition to enjoying the party and flat shoe synchronization
Labo’s ex-girlfriendwhich, among other things, was impossible not to see because he was driving around stuffed with a small old Fiat 500 with bamboo seats.

But the evening chatter was not a coincidence at the same place and time for these two ex, nor whether or not it was their first official fake friend.
Pauline Ducruetwho was rumored at the time to be dating an actor 10 years older than her named Gaspard Uelil (Grimaldi’s Things).

Royal gossip at that time was on the verge
Where was Charlene from Monaco and her husband (and the groom’s uncle) Prince Albert. Charlene miraculously survived a duel of style with Caroline of Monaco at the civil ceremony that united Beatrice and Pierre in Monaco.

While her husband served as the master of ceremonies during that day, because for some reason Pierre is not his favorite nephew,
Princess Charlene He remained unaccounted for (or preparing for the Red Cross gala dinner that was taking place on the same night).

For the absence of August 1 in Italy, no official or unofficial excuse appeared. And although there are media outlets that confirm that Charlene and Carolina have actually coincided in the
Borromeo Archipelago There is not a single graphic document that demonstrates this.

This would not be the first time that the Grimaldi explained how the internal relationships of the family are absent in such an act. looking back,
Absence of Stephanie Monaco From her sister Carolina’s recent wedding also gives a lot of clues about the type of relationship between the two sisters.

While already in 2015 everyone was wondering
“Where’s Charlene?”Beatrice Borromeo was responsible for acting in Three Fashion Moments in Three Dresses, Each One Better.

first of
Alberta Ferretti and boho chic style In the style of Tatiana Santo Domingo, she used it with a flower crown to receive her guests. Next to him was Pierre, ten seconds away from becoming his Ibizan pride thanks to a pure white shirt, white and unbuttoned.

Beatrice’s religious dress, the first Armani model to wear that day, was correct, romantic, and long-sleeved (the temperature was 18 degrees and
Carlotta Casiraghi attended the Borromeo Island Tour stuffed with feathers while Tatiana Santo Domingo preferred to steal Andrea Casiraghi’s jacket).


Beatrice Borromeo, the aristocracy who defies the kings of Monaco

But it will be Armani’s second dress that will make the whole world vote for Beatrice Borromeo as the daughter-in-law of the Carolina de Monaco she needs in her life.

Steam model from Armani Privé Built to her measure made her the heiress to Grace Kelly’s glamour. Beatrice was smiling, happy and so impressive that everyone stopped looking for Charlene and Carolina among the audience.

Incidentally, the next day, paparazzi caught Pauline Ducruet comforting her mother
Princess StephanieWhich explains why no actor ten years older than her has been seen around the Borromean docks.


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