Top 10 Free Ebook Download Sites

E-books or e-books are becoming an increasingly popular form of reading, and the possibility of having hundreds of titles on one device is a very attractive option for many readers, since any new book already has a digital copy as well as a copy on paper.

A very positive aspect of this book’s format is that since it’s digital, it doesn’t have to be printed, eliminating all expenses related to title design, so it makes sense to find different works to download for free online.

The most natural thing is to find great classics of Shakespeare or Cervantes, but we can also find more modern books in the public domain provided by the authors themselves or their publishers.

Today we are going to review 10 web pages with thousands upon thousands of titles to download in the most popular formats (TXT, PDF, DOX, ePub, MOBI, etc.) so you can read them on your smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. .- book or wherever you prefer.

Img: Alexandria

This site is one of the most popular when it comes to free e-books, despite the fact that its library isn’t the biggest ever. This site contains about 1500 free books published by the platform and they are in the public domain.

This page primarily focuses on presenting classic titles of world literature, but also contains more recent works.

Img: EpubLibre

Another very good option might be ePubLibre, which has over 34,000 books and adds new titles every week. You have to sign up, but it’s worth it, since apart from being completely free, it has forums and comments from other users so you can read their impressions and experiences.

Img: Google Books

Its free Google library could not be missing, as the browser offers many services, so it is not surprising that it has a specific section for downloading e-books.

In it we can find almost any title, and it is considered the largest digital library in the world.

Image: Wikisource

From the same creators as Wikipedia, we find a very similar concept source wiki but focused on the free distribution of books and translations in multiple languages. We can find more than 118,000 different titles in Spanish only.

The page has made it possible to search different works by author, title, genre, time period, or country, and it also has an option to recommend a random book if you’re hesitant.

Photo: Project Gutenberg

This is perhaps the oldest e-book page in existence, since its creation in 1971. Today it includes more than 60 thousand works in several languages, which you can download for free without registration or anything similar, in any format you prefer for the device you are reading from.

Photo: eBiblio

This is a free public e-book lending service promoted by the Ministry of Culture. This is served all over Spain, with the exception of Catalonia and the Basque Country, which have their own regional services.

This portal contains more than 31,000 different titles, to access it you will need an active card from a library participating in this project, but the drawback is that the loan lasts only 21 days and there are a limited number of editions so it may happen that you have to wait for the book you are looking to become available about him.

Image: Amazon

To the surprise of many, one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world not only sells but also offers e-books, you just need to enter the platform and write “free books”.

It has a fairly large free library, however, the vast majority of these books can only be downloaded in the Kindle format, the Amazon e-book, so if you don’t have a library, it’s best to try another page.

Img: Spanish Digital Library

In continuation of the projects of digitizing the line of business in Spain, the Spanish Digital Library contains more than 1000 classic works with their original binding ready so that in one click you can download them in PDF format completely free of charge.

img: your books

It’s easier to find digital classics for free online than contemporary titles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. TusLibros is a good choice as there are newer works and authors, which has over 5,000 books that you can search through its categories or even its search bar to find something more specific.

Img: PDF Books

As its name indicates, this option is for downloading books in PDF format, it has no other format, but with this make sure that it can be read on any electronic device.

It’s not the website with the most addresses, but it can be a good alternative if you can’t find the one you were looking for on other sites.

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