Uncontrolled abilities, acts of sabotage and anxiety attacks cause the suspension of a concert for rapper Murad in Malacca | culture

Dozens of young people climbed onto the roof of the portable toilets, while others sat on the roof structure and hundreds packed into the municipal cabin in Torre del Mar, a town in the city of Vélez Málaga (82,967 inhabitants). The large influx of people to the concert of rapper Murat became so dangerous that the mayor’s office decided to suspend the performance of Barcelona, ​​​​which was already on stage for an hour. He did so after the 112 emergency service received numerous calls warning of unsupervised ability, vandalism, and “many” people suffering from anxiety attacks. Agents of the National Police and the local police had to go to evacuate part of the attendees. Police sources confirmed that the capacity, which amounts to about 10 thousand people, “might exceeded.”

Murat’s concert was the last scheduled show of the Santiago and Santa Ana de Torre del Mar fair, which has been taking place since July 21. Free access, it was his main course and was the final touch to the parties. Expectations were high, but the influx of audience exceeded expectations. The municipal booth, covered with a canvas structure, soon filled up. And after the show began, around midnight, the place began to fill its surroundings, with dozens of young people who were able to follow the performance in different ways, as evidenced by the photos uploaded to social networking sites. In it you can see how a large group of children climbed onto the roof that covered the enclosure, damaging its structure. Many others chose to sit on the roof of the public restrooms. Many have done so in any other building where they can rise a few meters to see the musician. Murad himself referred to them during the ceremony, as it appears on his Instagram.

Twitter user Roberto Ruiz, who uploaded two photos to illustrate this and alerted both the 112 emergency service and the police, wrote: “There is a clear danger of overcrowding at Murat’s party in Torre del Mar. Dozens of people have climbed on unstable buildings.” Other users of this social network spoke of quarrels, material damage and acts of vandalism. After midnight, several people alerted 112 of what was happening. I informed the local police, and they confirmed the capacity problem. The agents had to intervene after a small stampede in the crowd, after which six people were treated with anxiety attacks.

Finally, around 1 a.m., the Torre del Mar Mayor’s Office, of the Vélez-Málaga City Council – run by socialist Antonio Moreno Ferrer – decided to suspend work to avoid further evils. “The behavior was totally uncivilized and there were instances of potential insecurity,” said municipal sources, who emphasized that those breaking the rules were “only a few” and that when the events took place, the party was about to end.

Videos of those who were able to watch the ceremony from inside the municipal kiosk showed a large crowd. The municipality, which is keen that the show takes place “normally”, wanted to absolve the singer of any responsibility. The mayor’s office clarified through a statement posted on Facebook that “the artist, Murad, was in no way connected with the events that took place.”

In the statement, Torre del Mar’s deputy mayor, Jesus Perez Atencia, expressed his regret for what had happened and apologized “to everyone who attended the ceremony for the situation he went through.” For this reason, I requested a meeting of the spokespersons to analyze what happened and “examine the applicable process and liquidate any kind of liability”. The statement concluded that “photos such as the one seen near Murad’s party run counter to the business philosophy of the city council.”

A group of people climbed on a podium during the concert given by rapper Mourad last night in Torre del Mar.
A group of people climbed on a podium during the concert given by rapper Mourad last night in Torre del Mar.Roberto Ruiz (EFE)

Meanwhile, the People’s Party in the municipal opposition was not slow to criticize what happened. “A disaster could have happened because there were thousands of people, and the capacity was overrun, as the police themselves asserted, and was not properly planned or adapted. The head of the local People’s Party, Jesus Lubianez, who believes that the events are dangerous because “many of the Lives were at stake,” he said, management was awful and this cannot and should not remain that way. A tragedy could have happened.

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