Vanessa Romero reveals the last hour of Jose Luis Gil’s health

The La que se avecina series is experiencing some of its most memorable moments of change since its release, a slew of seasons ago. Some have appeased for reasons beyond the control of their managers and co-stars.

A good example of this is what happened with José Luis Gil, had to quit production due to his recent health issues. A complexity that continues to drive its biology peers upside down.

past hour

The last person who spoke on this topic was, precisely, from the closest actresses on the set to the veteran translator, who gave life to the role of Enrique Pastor. It was only Vanessa Romero, who is Raquel Villanueva in the hit comedy Telecinco and Amazon Prime.

The model and actress took advantage of a public act to point out the health status of her partner, without going into too many details, but offered some optimism to her fans.

complex recovery

Although for any fan of La que se avecina, or also the classic series that inspired the latter, nobody lives here, I hope José Luis Gil is one hundred percent ready to get back to work, it won’t be easy. This was hinted at by Vanessa Romero, who was restrained when asked how “politician Montpinar” really was performed.

“Here he is, in his own way.”were the words of the actress, who seemed completely resigned given the complexity of the moment.

Who will come in the series

An essential facet of La que se avecina

During all the years that La que se avecina was broadcast, the work of actor José Luis Gil has been one of the most important. It had a lot of actors in and out of the series, but it became, season after season, one of the mainstays of the production.

Indeed, surely if a poll were conducted among many comic lovers, Enrique Pastor will be among the most valuable characterswith its mixture of seriousness and compassion.

His companions from La que se avecina yearn for him

Since we assume it couldn’t have been otherwise, José Luis Gil’s companions at La que se avecina are disturbed by his absence from the sets. Vanessa Romero confirmed this in her recent comments on the subject: “We all miss him“.

Another proof that the members of the series, in addition to their professional work, are in fact a family, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Who comes, hugely successful series

back to work

At the moment, it is not known when Jose Luis Gil will be able to return to work, which is saddening his fellow professionals and his big fans. Although health comes first, many would like to know if this is so above all The actor will be able to come back in good shape to face the rigors of a job like his work.

What we have no doubts about is that the doors of his “crazy society” will remain open for him in the future, as long as the series continues, of course. At the moment, he doesn’t seem to show much signs of fatigue.

Jose Luis Gil State

As many people know by now, the career of Jose Luis Gil, nicknamed “Enrique Pastor”, as well as his health, was cut short when he was suffering from a stroke. A problem that requires, on many occasions, a slow recovery so that patients gradually regain all their functions.

It is not an easy task, and more so when the person who suffers from it is the actor who It requires basic faculties for their work, such as memory or gesture.

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Vanessa Romero’s future

For her part, Vanessa Romero has also used her recent public appearances to talk about more than just Jose Luis Gil’s performance. Specifically, from herself. It must be remembered that the actress will also be one of the absentees in the new chapters of La que se avecina.

In fact, the long-awaited new comedy season has generated many expectations, not only because of its absence from the main cast (and its extras, of course), but also because Change the society that will live in the imagination. That is, the neighbors will leave Montpinar to move. Renew or die, some say…

I work on TV

Vanessa Romero, Raquel at La que se avecina, has welcomed the opportunity to work in television. For example, she is especially proudHis time on the well-known reality show MasterChef, among other career challenges.

It’s usually normal, after spending several seasons within the same series, and always working on the same thing, for some actors to want to devote themselves to other things, although that also involves a certain amount of uncertainty about the future. But no actor always has a guaranteed job, no matter what his job is.

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long waiting

Although Jose Luis Gil won’t star in the upcoming season of La que se avecina, the show will go on, it’s clear. At the moment, however, There is no specific date for the thirteenth season release dateBeyond the mysterious “2023”.

That, until next year, is absolutely nothing.

First on Amazon Prime

In addition, as was confirmed at the time, future chapters of La que se avecina It will be broadcast first on the Amazon Prime Video content platform.

Then, as usual, it will be Mediaset that releases it.

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