VFX Experts Say She-Hulk’s CGI Is Incredible

Marvel Studios products make use of a plethora of visual effects to adapt the comics, not only in the most faithful way, but also in the most detailed and fascinating way their resources allow. The studio always employs a large number of studios and visual effects artists, who incidentally have complained on more than one occasion about the treatment they receive from the company, who have taken their talent and skills right in the middle in multiple scenes of the series. and movies.

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Visual effects are also one of the elements of these mods that fans take into consideration when analyzing every part of their trailers and products. The She-Hulk shows didn’t cause a shrug, and what seemed to be a simple but very sexy look for the series starring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo ended up generating endless criticism for basically her looks. The visual effects of this new green superhero have disturbed viewers who counted on a few minutes and footage from the Disney Plus series.

However, specialists have very different opinions on everything that has been said about it Strong woman. Even the creator of the series said that at first it was a problem due to the difficulty of working with a computer-generated character, but in the end everything went well, and what is visible and what this group of specialists said, proves that many of the shots in his trailers are really amazing.

YouTube channel known as Corridor crewwho belongs to a Los Angeles studio that has produced series and commercials on YouTube and other platforms, analyzed footage of one of the trailers Strong womanconcluded that its visual effects are not even close to being the “garbage” that many mentioned, and even added that one of the reasons for these interactions to occur is the Internet culture of negative reaction to something excessive.

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These specialists pointed out several reasons why the viewer took the Marvel series trailer poorly. One of them is the quality of the video, as the studio appears to have uploaded a compressed version of it to the platform, reducing its quality, which also affects the loss of all the details that faces and more. in a strange way.

Trailer quality loss comparison
Trailer quality loss comparison

What leads your mind to believe that this is nonsense? I think I have identified the cause of this problem. First, people were reacting to YouTube video compression. Compressing it, then uploading it to YouTube, it made every detail a little softer and gave it a soft, rubbery green look.

As mentioned that the structure of Mark Ruffalo It does not cause the same effect for several reasons, namely that the studio has been working on it for years, which allowed him to do it better, better and in detail. Specialists explained the fact that there are a lot of details on the face. As in the case of Bruce Banner, it gives the illusion that he is losing less quality and therefore his face does not look “gummy” or fake despite the pressure. The main character’s face is not covered with many wrinkles or a beard, so the “reduced” amount of detail affects the perception of the eye.

The other thing that helps, as we mentioned, is that audiences are so used to how Ruffalo appears in movies that he doesn’t get that much attention anymore. It is different with Maslany because it is new, and it will take some time for people to get used to its appearance.

As is typical in popular culture, women’s faces are usually smooth and when compared to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, there are so many details we can see that the video comprehension cannot be missed. You can recognize details like the beard, the wrinkles on the forehead, the wrinkles near the mouth… You don’t have that in women so you can simulate more details. The Hulk doesn’t feel fake because of all these details, his face is square and we’re so used to it now that his appearance doesn’t excite people as much as She-Hulk does.

And in the same video, several shots were mentioned that the specialists considered great and highlighted the work of the visual effects artists who were in the series, especially since they felt in some shots that the character was 100 percent CGI and it is difficult to recreate a character – someone who rushes the effects and makes it look good. One of the conclusions the The Corridor team came up with is that the bar for Marvel Studios can be considered too high and anything fans don’t think is perfect can cause controversy.

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