Walter Hamadeh “feigned angry” after the cancellation of Batgirl

Actor Ray Fisher, who played a cyborg Justice League He has given his opinion on the reaction of the current president of the capital after the abolition of Batgirl

This week, the news that shocked all DC fans, and that generated a huge debate was the cancellation bat girl After the studio spent $90 million on its production, it revealed Warner Bros. Discovery’s future plans for DC Comics characters, and how it would affect current DC chief Walter Hamadeh.

It’s clear that Warner Bros.’ strategy to follow in the footsteps of rival Marvel Studios hasn’t gone the way they would have liked it, and now without being very clear about how to continue at DCEU, they’ve decided to reset again. It can be said that the study problems began with Justice League 2017 when Warner Bros. From director Zack Snyder’s absence to rearrange the film with Joss Whedon. The film was not well received by fans who launched a campaign to release Snyder’s original vision, who are also struggling to salvage his plans for DC films.

The fan campaign was a success and last year HBO Mas premiered Justice League Zack SnyderHowever, this wasn’t the only controversy Warner Bros. had. face him.

Ray Fisher talks about the president’s reaction to recent events

Ray Fisher, the actor who played a cyborg in both versions of Justice League, the abusive misconduct of Joss Whedon on set and the handling of the situation by Warner Bros. Now, after announcing the cancellation bat girlFischer again turned to social networks to comment on the latest news about the current president of the capital, Walter Hamadeh.

Accordingly, DC Films president Walter Hamadeh nearly resigned due to Batgirl’s cancellation, Fisher saying that Hamadeh was only ‘faking anger’:

“Walter Hamada pretending to be angry and pretending to quit a job you know you will take his place is a great feeling. A>e”

Sources indicate that Hamada will now remain in office until the release of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam on October 21.

Hamada has now agreed to remain in the position at least until the October 21 release of Dwayne Johnson’s film. black AdamAccording to sources familiar with the situation. “She’s taking a break.”THR source said. “The decision to make this contradiction has not yet been made.”.

The tension arose when Zaslav promised to do what he called a “Reset” Regarding DC, with a 10-year plan he hopes to see the brand compete with Disney-owned Marvel Studios, which has built the largest movie franchise in history. “We believe we can build a much stronger sustainable growth business outside of the capital.”Zaslav said during an earnings call last Thursday. As part of that, we will focus on quality. We won’t release any movie before it’s ready. …the capital is something we can improve.”

Plans that Warner Bros. co-chairs will join. Pictures Group and CEOs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi, who oversee DC until Zaslav announces a new president for DC Studios. De Luca nor Abdi, it seems that they did not reach Hamada in a recent screening test black Adam That Batgirl, a $90 million movie that was in post-production, would be delayed. The explanation was that, due to Zaslav’s strategy, the picture was not powerful enough for a theatrical version and was too expensive for the streaming version. The company, under pressure to cut costs, chose to write off the project.

The anger of the head of the capital

DC President Walter Hamadeh will be upset that he was not consulted about this announcement and is concerned about the impact on those involved in the film industry. On August 2, before the talent and their representatives were informed of the decision, the New York Post broke the news of the film’s postponement. The Washington Post reported that the film scored poorly in tests and said a source described it as “unrepairable”.

In May, Warner Bros. canceled Discovery is another DC movie that was aimed at the streaming device, The Wonder Twinsright after KJ Apa and Isabel May were chosen as the lead.

The convulsive phase in the capital

Hamada took on the role in 2018 during a difficult period for DC, which was struggling to find a foothold after that. Justice League (2017) will not succeed at the box office and there will be no clear path to her cinematic world.

During his tenure, Hamada established relationships with filmmakers such as James Gunn, and introduced him to them suicide squad (2021) and give it a title peace makera spin-off of HBO Max, of which season two has been confirmed, it will be essential to see how these announced changes affect the series, and Gunn’s future in DC.

However, what Hamada was most criticized for was his lack of interest in creating a tightly interconnected cinematic universe like the Marvel universe, in which the properties of the capital under his supervision were disconnected from each other and sometimes occurred in completely interconnected universes. Joker (2019), which grossed over $1 billion at the box office, and Batman (2022) by Matt Reeves, which grossed $769.2 million worldwide, a number that isn’t insignificant in times of a pandemic.

Prior to joining DC Films, Hamada was Executive Vice President of Production at New Line, where he oversaw the popular horror film series. Sorcery And the Element (2017).

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