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and you know, Netflix premiered last Wednesday, August 3, Docuseries ‘Clusterf**k: Woodstock’ ’99’. The documentary includes interviews with witnesses who were at parties for three days. In this way, the testimonials provided by the chain will be able to provide a view of the event with unpublished photos of the attendees. In this article, we collect the five festivals that ended in a fateful way. (Across UCR)

When James Hetfield’s gang and Axel Rose’s gang arrived MontrealAnd the Canada on August 8, 1992Both the audience and the members of the two bands expected a great show. And the feeling that remained was a real disaster.

Metallica was making the headlines and the first to work. When the band from San Francisco was performing “go back”Hetfield was injured by fireworks, after Second and third degree burns. When Lars Ulrich’s band finished playing, the 59-year-old de facto went to the hospital. This meant that Guns N’ Roses fans had to wait another two hours to enjoy the Californian magic live.

remarkably Axel Rose admitted that his vocal cords were painful at the beginning of the tour. For this reason, the singer had to finish the show before the time and commented:It will be our last party in a long timeYou obviously don’t like to get that news after you finish the show so early, and put up with a few hours to see it. And then the fans were pretty pissed off.

For this reason the fans destroyed so many parts of the Olympic Stadium, and since it meant little to them, they began to Rolling over on a police car, robbing people, smashing windows until everything started burning in the end. They fired because the policemen appeared in a turmoil in order to stop the crowd. The losses from these riots amounted to nearly half a million dollars. The police were not tired of arresting everyone who caused this disaster.

Here we collect 5 parties that ended in disaster

Black Saturday in Milwaukee (1980)

British heavy metal band was in full swing on tour Heaven and Hell in the United States. They were only able to rest for three songs until Geezer Butler (I don’t really know what it is, but I think it was a bottle) was hit by the audience.

I think he was providing an introduction to ‘National Investment Bank“And I heard the noise of something hitting the stage. Then I got hit on the head. I left the stage because I was bleeding so bad. Things got worse when our band director told the audience that Saturday would not be back on stage. Everyone in the audience started revealing themselves, breaking windows…”Butler remembers.

About 160 people were arrested and many onlookers ended up in hospital. It should also be noted that many of those who went to the hospital managed to meet the bass player: “boys in saturday shirts They started arriving, covered in blood“What a welcome Ronnie James Dio got as it was his first concert with the band.


Iron Maiden in New Jersey (1987)

March 28, 1987The band was putting the final touch on their performance at the concert “Running freely”. Attendees thronged to Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey. The night was chaotic with people throwing bottles and firecrackersAnd the And long and so on.

“Everyone is drinking, with music blaring, and bottles smashing. It was a big mess. Bottles were everywhere, glass on the floor, and the most annoying thing was seeing blood-stained handkerchiefs. Two cars that were in the parking lot were overturned. They were set on fire, while others’ windows were smashed.” When the police arrived they took about 30 people to the police station amid the chaos, and Meadowlands Square soon after banned the sale of alcohol at concerts.

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Guns N’ Roses in St. Louis (1991)

In 1991 at the Riverport Coliseum before they started playing “Queen of Missiles”Axel Rose saw a photographer in the audience and was changed. It bothered him that this photographer was there because he started shouting at security: Catch this guy!. The vocalist decided that until the photographer was taken out of the room, he would not act. Rose decided to take this factor out of the audience. After taking the camera from him, the Indiana man returned to the stage and said: “Thanks damn security‘, then left the runway. The Guns N’ Roses members followed him, causing him to engage in the audience.


Rage Against the Machine in Los Angeles (2000)

No wonder that Rage against the machine will cause a quarrel. In 2000, the group was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, coinciding with the celebration of the Democratic National Convention. The concert was attended by more than 8000 fans with Anger criticizes politics: “Our democracy has been hijacked. “Our electoral freedoms in this country are over as long as they are under the control of members of Congress. We will not allow Democrats or Republicans to take over these streets.”“.

After a brief 40-minute performance, the band’s followers began to speak out about throwing bottles and stones at the police, who were poised in riot gear.


Metallica in Santiago, Chile (2010)

When Metallica traveled to Chile, concert organizers knew the crowd would be elated. What they didn’t expect was that they would come More than 2,000 San Francisco fans are at the door of the room. Fortunately the cops came to stifle all this riot.

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