Weeks of bustle and music slowly passing by

Maria Peta Square The big month of A Coruña festivities begins on the first Monday night. James Blunt from the theater and Carolina Iglesias, Barnacles and Grealus, And as Bashir, they will be responsible for starting a few weeks full of music, cultural, sports and entertainment activities across the city. Added to the music performances in the arena concerts of Northwest Festival Musical competitions such as habanerasThe Vignettes from O Atlantico cultural and commercial activities in Mendez Nunez As part of the Book Fair, the Craft and Magic exhibition at balcksco s or a parrot

Comedian and screenwriter Caroline Iglesias It all starts with announcing it from Maria Peta Square At 9:00 pm the announcement of the celebrations will be presented together Mayor, Agnes King. Immediately after his speech, at 10 pm, the British artist James Blunt He will climb to the stage installed in the arena to start the free concert series. He will present Coruña fans with a repertoire with the best hits of his career as Heart of Fire, bye my love also You are beautiful. This year it is no longer necessary to reserve a seat, as in the previous version, and performances can be enjoyed standing up.

In this same square there will be visits from local and international artists under seal Maria Beta Nights. This Tuesday 2 will be a turn Adorn, who in recent weeks had to interrupt his concert tour due to an audio problem. On the third Wednesday, he will sing Daniel Fernandez And on Thursday 4 musical battalion with a night Los 40 Summer Life with the presence of Blas Canto, Abraham Mathieu, Marlon, Natalia Lacunza, Leo Rizzi, Polo Nandes, DePaul, Samurai. Towards the end of the first week acting “illegals” on Friday 5; macaque, Saturday 6; s Carolina Ruberosa Next to Javier BecerraSunday 7. Texas s Anna Toruga I stayed for 8 and 9 days, respectively. The end of the course will be in the third week. Luis Fonsi She will bring her latin rhythms on Monday the 15th and Caroline during Offers will end on Tuesday 16th.

The stage will remain in the arena until the end of the month with the musical record changing. Before, from 10 to 14, it was International Folklore Festival Cidade da Coruña. From 20 to 26 Classical Music Week is celebrated Mary Peta with parties Galician Symphony Orchestra, Municipal Ensemble with Seraphine Zubiri, Galician Chamber Orchestra, GAOS Orchestra and El Eco Polyphonic Choir.

Music will reach every corner of the city for free with the rest of the August shows. Northwest Festival Galician star It will set ten locations with five days of music from August 10-14. Tanxugueiras, Baiuca, UB40 s flower Topping the stage Riazor. The festival extends to sites such as Santa Margherita Park, Transatlantic Pier, Campo da Linea, Azcaraga Square, San Anton Castle, Louis Siwan Foundation, Cormelana Square also Casares Quiroga House Museum, In addition to many rallies. Artists of stature Luna Key, La Pegatina, Emir Costa Rica, Dorian, Delaporte, Ambaranoia, Familia Camajno s Julian Maeso Sextet, Among other things.

in case if saint margarita, will be held there Coruñés Independent Rock Festival day 19 and Coruñés Electronic Festival, On the 20th. On the last weekend of the month, a traditional pilgrimage with performances by folk bands will take place in the park’s amphitheater from Friday 16 to Sunday 28. or a parrot The competition will be hosted habaneras Between the fifteenth and twenty-first, the neighborhoods will have their own contribution to the patron saint celebrations through their own pilgrimages and festivities, especially in the second half of the month. This is the case in Hey Castrillon neighborhood festivals, with a concert heirs of Crowe On the 18th at 10:00 pm in Pablo Iglesias Square. There will also be parties in regions Iris, Labano, Uza Guitira s Novo Misoiro. for the young man, crack you It offers activities for children throughout the month at Marina, Mesoiro, Palavea, As Conchiñas, Elviña, Eirís, Matogrande also I saw.

As usual, on August 14, the naval battle will take place in Orzan Cove.

Magic, comedy, crafts, and historical cars

Vignettes from o Atlantic One of the claims will be during the month of August. The Alfonso Kiosk, Palexco, the Hercules towerthe aquarium, the exhibition hall of the Municipal Palace and the Salvador de Madaraja Hall It will be the venues for the A Coruña Animation Festival, in which thirteen artists of national and international stature will participate between August 8 and 14. You will share space with showExhibition Galician crafts Which started last Saturday and will continue until the 28th of Mendez Nunez Gardens. in or a parrot There will be an emotional and tense Saturday afternoon 6:30 pm. The quitter Victor Hill One of the best players in the world, he will show his skills to the entire audience in Marine Street. On this site itself will be held Teresa Herrera Rally On the 13th and 14th. On these two dates an exhibition of old and historical cars will be opened Maria Peta.


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