What happened to the classic “Matilda” kids in the ’90s

It’s been more than 25 years since I was young Matilda He will conquer viewers with his animating powers and confrontation with his family and his school principal, Agatha Tranchbull. The Quote from Roald Dahl’s play directed by Danny DeVito, He manages to make an entire generation fall in love, who remember the characters with great affection more than two decades later. First previews of the new music version of Matilda On Netflix it becomes a golden opportunity to discover What became one of the smallest films of 1996.

Mara Wilson, the great hero

Any movie review worth its salt necessarily passes through the character of Mara Wilson, who before Matilda was already famous for her work on titles. Mrs. Doubtfire: Dad for life (1993) and A miracle in the city (1994). Although the actress retired in 2000 from the world of acting to devote herself to writing and thus also avoid the problems caused by a lack of freedom in acting, Wilson returned to television in 2012 and resumed her career. Face as a bender for the chain Bojack Knight s Big Hero 6: The Series. His most recent appearance appeared in 2020-2021, in novels Helova Boss.

Her role as Matilda was widely celebrated around the world in the ’90s, a role she got after following in the footsteps of her brother Danny, who did some commercials. During the recording of the film, his mother died of breast cancer. Late diagnosis. A severe setback for the artist.

After Wilson was diagnosed with ADHD as a child actress and writer He admitted in 2021 that he had postural orthostatic tachycardia. Currently, Wilson is still associated with fiction, writing, and events.

Bruce and the chocolate cake scene

Few sequences etched into the retina of spectators like the one he starred in Actor Jimmy Cars in turn Bruce Potterter. A little glutton defied Trunchbull (Pam Ferris) by eating a chocolate cake in front of the whole school and thus showing a great teacher, despite the fact that the principal initially used it for revenge.

Nowadays, Live Cherry retired from acting It only appeared after that Matilda In a small role in the movie perfect boy And in a veil in the series Emergency cases. With a very different image, the actor I study medecine, profession he does today.

Jimmy Cars Can Bruce V
Jimmy Cars Can Bruce in “Matilda”

Amanda, the girl who flew in the sky

In one of his ferocious outbursts against the students of Crunchem Hall, Trunchbull grabbed the character he played Jacqueline SteigerThrow it in the air. An event that ended after Matilda used her power so that the young woman would not be harmed. Steiger’s last appearance on the small screen was in 2013 in the series push forceAnd the Before we could see her in the movies Suzy’s nightmare The perfect wifeAnd the beautiful also Dennis the menace strikes againamong other functions.

Steiger will Majored in linguistics, anthropology, queer studies, early childhood development and educational studiesa series of knowledge that he currently shares through various courses on his website.

Jacqueline Steiger was Amanda Threep in
Jacqueline Steiger was Amanda Threep in “Matilda”
Jacqueline Steiger Instagram

It’s not a frog, it’s a newt

Matilda’s best friend gave us unique moments, like the scene where Tranchbull drinks the water where the newt is and makes the little ones laugh. His reaction is unforgettable. The actress behind the little girl Cami DavalWho, after leaving the world of acting in 2000, recently made a comeback in films healthy and wise s call ChicagoBoth are awaiting release. A translator we also saw when he was a young man playing small roles in the series Conan the AdventurerAnd the Promised Land s at home. However, Dafael did not stop these contracts.

With some The first steps in the world of music and writingThe young woman graduated in 2008 in psychology, which is a profession she has not yet pursued. Davael keeps remembering his sentimental Lavender look whenever he can.

toughest brother

Behind the stupid and evil brother of Matilda, Michael WormwoodHe is the actor Brian Levinson, who also worked in predator 2 (1990), A boy called North (1994) and even appeared temporarily in Prince of Bel Air s Seinfeld. In 1997 he left the world of acting to live A life completely out of the limelight, Since then we have heard very little about him. The actor was part of the 17th Anniversary Honor, which brought together a significant portion of the cast in 2017.

The entire Wormwood family ('Matilda') in 2017. From left.  From right, Brian Levinson, Rhea Perlman, Mara Wilson and Danny DeVito.
The entire Wormwood family (‘Matilda’) in 2017. From left. From right, Brian Levinson, Rhea Perlman, Mara Wilson and Danny DeVito.

Hortensia, the eldest of the group

Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Presenter of Travel Program Islands without carsThis is how the actress, screenwriter and presenter presents herself Kira Cook through their social networks. A show aired between 2013 and 2014, which would give him a new face in a career where comedy was also present, some of his monologues appearing on YouTube.

The actress introduced herself as Hortensia, the older girl who warns the little ones about the presence of a trunchyball MatildaHis first role in a movie. His career would continue over the following decades in film and television, with participation in front and behind the cameras. at the age of 38, The American continues to work in television and combines her work life with caring for her children. One of his amazing moments that he shares on Instagram.

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