Who is Maria Chiara Janeta?

An accomplished expert in blind decoding, she analyzes recordings to understand what escapes first listeners. She is an atypical heroine in whiteAnd the The Italian series Revelation to be shown by Telecinco on Thursday 4 August at 10:00 PM.. Her strength, her battle against adversity and her iron determination allowed this blind young woman to realize her big dream: She becomes a police advisor upon her return to GenoaYour birth city.

November 22 last white She started her journey on Rai 1 Conquer the Italian audience with a 26% off Comparter and 5,672,000 viewerss, figures that rose to 27.9% audience share and 5,835,000 on December 21 with the broadcast of the last chapter. Its detective plot and exceptional interpretive work by its crew has resulted in this novel having an average share of 25.5%. and 5,517,000 viewers in its inaugural season and it appears as a series revelation on Rai 1 this fall.

Blanca summary, Telecinco’s new series

after, after Lose sight in a fire As a child, Blanca Ferrando (Maria Chiara Giannetta) always wanted to become a police advisor. Years later, after becoming a specialist in decoding and analytical listening for audio materials, her big break comes when Work begins at San Teodoro Police Station in Genoa, where he began training for six months. Since he lost his sight, he has learned to navigate in the dark with the help of his guide dog and To develop other senses, allowing him to deeply analyze sound stimulitactile, olfactory, and perception of spaces and landmarks.

The arrival of the blind counselor to the police station You will arouse mistrust and distrust in your superiors and colleagues: Commissioner Bacigalupo (Enzo Paci), a pragmatic man who hopes to retire without too many problems; and Inspector Liguori (Giuseppe Zino), an agent with a deep sense of justice. To gain the trust of both, Blanca will have to demonstrate her ability to contribute to police investigations, providing the extraordinary skills and abilities she has developed over the years.. In fact, when an element of the environment catches your eye, it is as if you have entered a “dark room”, isolating the sound produced by something or a person from everything else.

His work is in the illustration Different criminal cases will allow you to discover different people and different facts And she puts herself to the test, while her energy and enthusiasm will revolutionize everyone at the police station. The first case that Blanca encounters is that of Margarita, A woman met by the young woman passing by the entrance to the police station and her body was found stabbed The uprooting under the San Giorgio Bridge. The first suspicions fall on the victim’s husband, an alcoholic and violent man, but Lucia, the couple’s daughter, insists that her father was at home that night.

Who is Maria Chiara Janeta?

Maria Chiara Janeta, The young actress who achieved popularity in Italy as a result of her role in the series “Don Matteo” embodies The hero of this detective fiction novel, inspired by the homonymous literary epic Written by Patricia Rinaldi. Giuseppe Zino, Pierpaolo Spollon, Enzo Passi, Sarah Sioca, Gualtiero Porzi, Antonio Zavatteri, Ugo Deguero, and Sandra Cicarelli are other artists in the series.

Vitality and Vitality: This is Blanca, a highly trained blind young woman who arrives at the San Teodoro de Genova Police Station ready to fulfill her big dream.: Be a police advisor. At first, her classmates greeted her with distrust, but she lost her sight at the age of twelve in a fire, Learn to sail in the dark with his dog Linnaeus, as she says: her “light,” her mentor, her faithful companion, who helped Blanca be what she is today when she lost her sight, an inseparable couple, an unconditional love that puts her life at risk in some decision-making case. Despite his handicap, The young woman will use the help of other senses that she has honed over the years that allow her to contribute in criminal investigations and do its best in various scenarios. His extraordinary talent will lead him to discover diverse people, facts, and an aspect of his past that he could never have imagined.

Jean Maria Michelini and Giacomo Martelli Direct this Lux Vide-produced TV adaptation with a screenplay by Francesco ArlanchMario Ruggeri, Luisa Cotta Ramosino and Lia Tafuri and were photographed in various locations in Liguria.

The Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocellifamous for his ability to combine song lyrics and pop themes in his repertoire, has loaned him Advice for this criminal investigation fiction. teacher’s hand Description of the scriptwriters “World of the Blind” and on the other, actress Maria Chiara Giannita helped set up her character, an ambitious, blind police officer. “To prepare my character, I met many blind people, and among them was the teacher Andrea Bocelli who was distinguished He worked as a technical advisor on the series. I visited his house, studied his gestures and the way he moved his body and his hands. We have talked a lot andI tried to make his character personal: I don’t see blindness as an obstacle‘ confirms Maria Chiara.

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