Why don’t Tamara Falco’s millionaire friends appear on the reality show La Marquesa

40 is the new 20 inch
marquis, the resolution created by Netflix so that we can get to know Tamara Falcó better and better. Critics have already expressed small mouthful congratulations for at least an existing plot (remember
narrative failure From the movie “Soy Georgina”, produced by the same team). It’s about seeing how Grignon’s career, with the support of her boyfriend Íñigo Onieva and under the critical eye of Isabel Preysler, opens a pop-up restaurant (duration: 1 week) on the opulent estate she inherited after her father’s death. At least here our heroine has a purpose.

This is La Marquesa’s greatest novelty, a stubbornness that won’t evoke the same feelings that Georgina does because it doesn’t move, doesn’t show and doesn’t pass (no matter how many kisses Tamara gets for her Íñigo Onieva). In the very observant Pillar Air’s words, “Her fame goes against reality: everything
We’ve already seen it in magazines. Everything is deja vu.” A flowing sofa aesthetic engulfs every image, whimsical and familiar at the same time: the only thing that amazes is listening to the Preyslers behind them, although followers of El Hormiguero already know the content and form well.

More than showing us Tamara Falco after the age of forty, what we see at La Marquesa is an animated distillate of the usual Tamara, surrounded by the usual characters and doing more or less the usual. Nothing deviates even a millimeter from the content that could hop at any moment into any social history magazine for the puffs of yesterday and today. A certain piece of Tamara’s world was easily extracted: the one that fits in A’s imagination
cover life.

Without a doubt, Tamara Falco is interested in perpetuating that character who, without a doubt, is also the same: the one who has
eternal girl who approaches life at 40 as if she were 20, with a newly discovered profession, first official boyfriend and first business she raises on her own, Sparks. However, Tamara who appears on social networks has another look, another circle, another life, for some reason, she does not appear in La Marquesa.

In the end, La Marquesa, Griñón’s career, will be the character Tamara built for the general public, while on Instagram she reveals another Tamara Falcó with an unrelated dropper. With the exception of the omnipresent Íñigo Onieva, the heirs, businessmen, and other personalities of his characters do not seem to be
social circle It exposes on IG. There are other worlds from Tamy, but it’s not in La Marquesa.

It seems that in La Marquesa we will not see Tamara in concert, dancing at full speed to the rhythm of Camilo, for example. This is how she shows herself on her Instagram profile accompanied by what she calls her “tribe”: the look of the couple
Christian Flores and Luisa Bergel, inseparable, and Hussai Stambouli, public relations in the restaurant world, a good friend of Oneivas and a close friend of Maria Pombo. They say he has the most desirable agenda for the new VIPs in Madrid.

Luisa is someone’s daughter
Investors The most important companies in our country, Jaime Bergill (former General Manager of Investment Banking at Goldman & Sachs for Spain and former President of Merrill Lynch for Spain and Portugal), worked for Hoss Intropia, Spcalpers, eBay and Uber. Florez, her inseparable boyfriend, is the CEO of Be Mate, the apartment rental company of Kike Sarasola.

That’s Tamara who dances with her little finger along with Luisa, Hussey and Christian, in the typical way.
beautiful expression To be “very interested”, would he be in La Marchesa? Difficult. Tamara had already made it clear at the time that she only accepted the invitation from Netflix and producer Komodo Studios because they implied that they would look for a “different” and “no evil” approach. In other words: we will see the character already known to all. Minimal surprises.

At La Marquesa we will not see that
‘tribe’ With whom Tamara shares more and more intimate plans, and even some commercial projects (the Miniplanta brand, for example), gather for parties or gourmet trips. For example, at Celler de Can Roca, the wonderful restaurant of the Roca brothers in Girona. Tamara, Íñigo and part of their entertainment circuit, assembled at the Gourmen Club, were shown there.

In his own club “foodies”, in addition to Istambuli,
Hugo Arevalo, founder and president of The Power MBA and investor; Oneeva’s best friend, Mexican Mimi Monzon; Guillermo Garcia-Muchacho, entrepreneur in the textiles and gastronomy sector; Or Wassin Berro, founder of Hangry, founder of a startup backed by Juan Roig.

This special world of Tamara, overflowing with youth but fully prepared
Investors in digital business, executives and global entrepreneurs in all kinds of start-ups and innovative companies, it doesn’t seem like there will be a place in La Marquesa, where the atmosphere of the twentieth century is so much more. Like another era.


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