Why is Ramon Lol’s image in Cora Cave still decapitated and distorted?

A few days ago we met Juan Montañez, who gave us a fairly positive assessment of what was going on art and society, through which he was able to bring together 29 Mallorcan painters and eleven photographers to exhibit one of their works. At the same time, he achieved that in the aforementioned place, twice a week, someone held a conference on matters of curiosity and everyday life.

“Let’s go on”

It may be that, except for the day of the show, the expected number of people did not turn up, not because of the content of the show – or conferences – but because of summer, and summer more like this. When the temperatures make us stay at the beach, or at home, it’s not the best time to attend the cultural events that take place indoors. “That is why I was not concerned, because you cannot fight the weather… Now, what I am glad to see is an activity of this kind that can be organized as long as there are people willing to do it, which are there, and if you stimulate it, even more, as it has been Clarify it in this case with the painters. And then we will continue through the fall and winter. We will even try to find spaces for the town hall or other institutions, because culture has its adherents and different cultural groups want to spread their work. As far as we are concerned, we will continue …

Many years ago…

On the other hand – in continuation of the cultural theme – Montañez reminds us of a story – history because it is true – that took place fifteen or twenty years ago, and he met again two weeks ago. “A story that has to do with a character so closely related to the world of our culture that he is recognized anywhere on earth. I am referring to Ramon lol.”

To do this, we say, we must go back many years, «to the time I met the late Argentine writer, psychologist and philosopher Enrique Mariscal, author of more than thirty books, among which The power of simplicityAnd the The art of navigating life s human gardening, who asked me to escort him to a place very special for him, which was none other than the cave on the hill at the top of which lies the sanctuary of Ronda, where, according to tradition, the Major Ramon Lul found illumination. Once there, we find that the statue of the Blessed, which is at the entrance, has been beheaded, and that his hands and one of his feet have been cut off by an unknown barbarian, whose specific intentions are not known. . That image had such an effect on Enrique, an admirer of the world of Mallorca, that he never ceased to show his incomprehension in the face of such barbarism. He could not believe what he was seeing, not only because of the condition of the statue itself, but also because no one had restored it. Well, three weeks ago, I approached the place again, and as soon as I got there, I had the impression that the time had not yet come, because everything was still exactly the same as it was when Enrique went to present it to him. Blessed Mallorca. Looking at the truncated and distorted picture of this, I quickly came to the conclusion that there was no interest in resolving this insult to one of the most famous and well-known artists and admirers of his work in the world, for, as I say, the statue was still in the same unfortunate conditions as at that time. Watching her, I felt my inner anger, while I remember that not so long ago a conference was held in Palma at which the sage Majorkan was praised… However, his image, was there… Before her, I promised to do everything in my power. my hand so it can be recovered ASAP…I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’ll try. ».

“I do not understand such laziness”

Later Montañez told us that he climbed to the top of the hill, where he found a restaurant to his surprise, “It seemed to me grandiose, with quite a few people at their tables, surely oblivious to the indignity he had done to Ramon Lol, and ruined his image, and what would happen to him by keeping it as That man left her without a mind. For nearly twenty years no one noticed this attack…? – I asked myself – because I don’t understand much neglect and forgetfulness towards the heroes who came out of this land and who, by their work, put it on the world map.”

Four days ago, Montañez returned to the Blessed Cave, and is now accompanied by Nunc, one of Spain’s leaders in spiritual issues, and author of several books. Last Sunday, the 24th, taking advantage of his presence in Mallorca, he went with him to visit the cave, where everything was fine. “Then I called the sculptor Ivan Elenkov, who had once made a sculpture of the Majorkan sage located next to the sanctuary chapel, and told me that many years ago, there had been a group of Germans, apparently from the Algeda region. They offered to pay for the replacement of the dilapidated statue, But until then it has not been successfully handled.”

What are you waiting for to get it back?

At this point, Juan wonders why, in a situation like this, “to get it back, they don’t use the money from environmental taxes, those that are sometimes set aside to pay for concerts for supposed purposes.” Or what are the followers of Ramon Lol waiting to get involved in this… The Lulistas. Why haven’t they taken any action on this matter already? And what do your neighbors, Franciscans of Refuge, think of all this…? Because he is not restoring a statue, he is restoring a symbol of our culture. It’s like having a patient at your door for twenty years and not helping him – I add – after inquiring in the town of Randa, I know there are people who would like to get that number back. For this reason, I hope that in a year, when I go back there again, the portrait will have its head, hands, and feet.


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