Why isn’t comics outside of Marvel finding its place in theaters?

Comedies with real actors no longer fill theaters. Or they won’t fill it in if they are released. In fact, to find a pure and simple non-animated humorous movie that grossed over $100 million worldwide, we have to go as far as 2019, Good Boys did. comedy A literary genre that is despised by a type of contemporary audience Who seems to consider laughter a sign of weakness: the closest thing to comics we currently have is Marvel Cinema. And we already know what the main complaint in this story is.

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Laughing for the weak

“Get It As Far As You Can”, “One, Two, Three”, “Zombie Party”, “The General’s Driver”, “Brian’s Life” … Humor It is an intrinsic part of cinema history since 1895with the show “El Regador regado” (and hundreds of imitations of it), but was not greeted with as many tall faces as it is now. Why is comedy so hated by today’s viewers? Is it because we have been receiving and understanding humor differently since the expansion of the internet, because our innocence has been destroyed, because the quality of gags has gone down, or perhaps because we are opposed to mixing them with other genres?

Today, the scene where Indiana Jones draws his gun and kills a swordsman He could have been criticized in a thousand different ways (In terms like “unreasonable,” “unnecessary jokes,” or “character betrayal”), not to mention any hint of humor in “The Mummy” or “Behind the Green Heart.” Although comedy was at one time accepted (and celebrated) as part of a family adventure, it is a textual mechanism for relieving, to a greater or lesser degree, the tensions on the current bulletin board. There are those who put the line of absurdity there In movies about hammered gods or altruistic millionaires.


And yes, I’m talking about humorous adventure films (“Jungle Cruise,” “The Suicide Squad,” “Thor: Love and Thunder”) because we don’t have Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, or Monty Python debuting their films. Not because they don’t exist, but because We will never know. purely comedy projects They have big problems moving forward with their film format. The producers underestimate the audience and this has the effect that the humor is trying to find its place disguised as a movie of another kind. Action and score: There’s no room for comedy, so Taika Waititi sneaks in an adventure movie costume and pisses off an audience who doesn’t want too many jokes. And the wheel turns again.

Laugh on your mobile

In 2022, the comedy does not compete with the rest of the billboards. They compete with TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and the series. Everything in today’s day is humorous, from the last meme posted yesterday that was already burnt today to the cat who doesn’t know how to get over the “Only Building Murders” or “Last Week Tonight”. It’s hard to decide to watch a funny movie when You can find the same score in your pocket without paying the admission fee.

John Oliver

But the few who try don’t get past the extreme projects that are impossible to replicate, like “Jackass Forever,” which takes us back to the days of Buster Keaton and slapstick: The laugh we want to deny ourselves, a person who enjoys the blow and pain of others, reminds us of “Vídeos de first”. It’s a weird time for comedy, as the weirdest and newest teasers live on TV (“Hanging in Philly” always on top) and on the bulletin board We have to deal with white and familiar products Like “Father There’s Only One 3” (no matter how good they do at the box office). And Marvel of course: The Eternal Marvel.

Why would producers want to fund new comedies when we have a Marvel movie every four months that takes all the cake? We may not have romantic, silly, or teen comedies, but we already have An overdose of adventure and superhero comediesalmost inextricable. And it can go well, but it is not enough. We don’t have “with skirts and madness” or “new moon” because No one will fund these scripts. At best, they will be relegated to the bottom of the Netflix catalog.

fusion comedy

Not a few of us miss “Young Frankenstein,” “Land as you can,” or even the “Scary movie,” however, What is left for parodies when cinema itself is already a parody, it’s all humor, and what doesn’t he really have his rebellious version after so soon without resorting to direct sarcasm? Pure comedy, without mixing with other genres, has a place only on television and the occasional – and increasingly miraculous – exceptions. There is adventure, mystery or horror comedy, but Without a merger, it doesn’t end up getting public approval. Even “Borat: The Movie Movie Sequel,” which came out of a hit movie and was highly anticipated by audiences, premiered on Amazon Prime Video without going to movie theaters (although the pandemic has had a lot to say about this).

Or maybe that is true after all: perhaps in the time of John Mulaney, Tig Notaro, and Bo Burnham There is no way to show those jokes on the big screen for an hour and a half Without being artificial, or that the language of stand-up and television cannot be conveyed to the cinema in a box office satisfactory way. There is always a hunger for laughter, but it is sought out by other means.

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Among the dead, she died alone. Derogatory comments about comedy in adventure films (“they’re back with jokes”), as if all superhero movies should have the long face of “Batman” or the first two parts of “Thor” rather than just enjoying the coexistence of more damage. For a genre that has already been relegated to the 25-minute format and underappreciated by the general public. A type whose laconic status, no matter how insistent some may be, isn’t funny.

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