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From a sensational Argentine production that Netflix has “saved” to add to its titles this month, with Kevin Hart’s new comedy with a comic premise, to the return of Jamie Foxx as a gritty vampire slayer, the streaming service is introducing disparate shows this August with action and comedy in the lead.

Here are the top movies coming to Netflix this month:


The Korean film directed by Jung Byung-gil promises high doses of excitement and adrenaline. “A man wakes up with amnesia. A voice on a device in his ear brings him out, and embarks on a dangerous mission to save a girl,” Netflix said of the novel, which focuses precisely on the title Carter (played by Joo Won), a person who does not remember anything from his past and that he He wakes up in the worst possible context.

In the midst of a pandemic sweeping North Korea and the United States, Carter not only realizes he has a mysterious device he doesn’t know what to do, but also a deadly bomb in his mouth. As if that wasn’t enough, he is being persecuted by the CIA without knowing the reasons either, and must find a way to survive in this scenario ruled by hostility and anonymity. Lee Sung-jae, Jeong So-ri, and Kim Bo-min are also part of the cast.
First show: August 5.

Thieves: The True Story of the Robbery of the Century

One of the most anticipated releases of this month on the streaming platform is the documentary directed by Matthias Guilleport and produced by Sebastian Gamba and Julian Russo, who have already given a great production with Vilas: It will be what it should be or it will not be anything. In this case, the team focuses on the mechanism that allowed the so-called “Century Robbery” to occur, the most notorious bank robbery in Argentina, which occurred in 2006, when “a group of men entered a bank in Buenos Aires and took 23 hostages.” Millions of dollars and jewelry were stolen from safes and then vaporized.

The documentary will contain revealing testimonies aimed at answering the same question posed by Netflix: “How did the heroes of this event get away with it?” Those responsible for the heist will give their version of events in this unmissable premiere in August.
First show: August 10.

Rosy day

after, after energy project, Jamie Foxx returns to the streaming platform as producer and star Rosy daythe first film by J.J. Perry (a famous figure in the martial arts world), written by Tyler Tice and Shay Hatten, where he plays Bud Jablonsky, a vampire hunter who moves with a countdown.

The man has only one week to raise a large sum of money to pay for his daughter’s education and other necessities. Therefore, he takes this turn to neutralize the vampires that may appear in his way. However, as Netflix reveals, “Earning a living can kill you” and in those periods Foxx once again emerged as one of Netflix’s biggest personalities alongside Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans. cast Rosy day Featuring the names Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco, Karla Souza, Meagan Good, Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Scott Adkins.
First show: August 12.


For those who couldn’t enjoy it at the time of its premiere, it will arrive on Netflix this month Irreversible, the first film presented by Miguel Cohan, is a co-production between Argentina and Spain, starring Leonardo Sparglia, Federico Lupi, Barbara Guinaga and Martin Slipak. The feature film kick is the track of a man accused of running over a young man and fleeing the scene. However, when he was released from prison four years later, he began collecting evidence of his irresponsibility.

Irreversible It puts on the table, without messages of guidance, how individuals function when justice does not give them a quick answer. In this case, he is represented in the figure of the father of the victim of the act, who turns to the media to demand that the punishment be expedited. The domino effect generates the accusation of an innocent man, who will confront him without having full conviction that he is responsible, blinded by the anguish caused by his son’s premature death.
Premiere: August 17th.

my life

It is always a pleasure to see Lili Reinhart leading a project. In this case the actress Riverdale, Wall Street crooks s chemical hearts He stars in the movie and also plays the executive producer.

Reinhart plays Natalie, a young woman who, in the midst of graduating from college, sees her life split into two parallel realities when she takes a pregnancy test. The plot reminds us sliding doorsPeter Howitt’s feature film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, has at its core one question: What will the future hold for Natalie? On the one hand, when she gets pregnant, she decides to stay in her hometown. On the other hand, when the test result gives him a negative result, he takes another course and leaves for Los Angeles. “It’s not just a moment that defines your life. It’s every moment,” says Wanuri Kahiu starring Reinhart Danny Ramirez, David Corinsweet, Aisha Dee, Andrea Savage, Luke Wilson and Nia Long.
Premiere: August 17th.

It’s my time

Kevin Hart is producing and co-starring in the new John Hamburg film (my friend PollyAnd the small gambling) who had Mark Wahlberg as a partner. Hart plays Sonny, a man who spent years raising his children until he realized the need for some time for himself, as the children and his wife embark on a journey together. When he finds himself alone in his house after a long time, Sonny decides to call his great friend Huck (Wahlberg), a party-like reputation who will lead the protagonist into crazy and wild situations that will have inevitable consequences.

It’s my time The film contains a script from Hamburg itself and features the cast of Regina Hall, Jimmy O Yang, and Luis Gerardo Mendes.
Premiere August 26.

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